Happy day ! 

Long time Not on my blog, but busy on Instagram and on the streets…  December  pointed his pretty nose at our doorstep… Wishing you all Only happy thoughts and happy news. My side : I have launched my E-shop: So if you are In the mood to #travel to #NYC #Paris #Amsterdam #Luxembourg https://squareup.com/store/jessdv?t=merchant-tw #Promocode DECIDE 15% OFF Sharing images you love is always a … Continue reading Happy day ! 

Oh my oh my… Fast is not enough !

Challenge !  Novelty! Pushing yourself ! Moving forward! And more… That is how I feel. Fast is not enough to describe the rythme We are living at. New York could be a definition of the “fast” I ld like to describe. New York is full, fast, new, engaging, opportune, young, never ending, sleepless…  When your away, 2 days seems like a week… You miss it… … Continue reading Oh my oh my… Fast is not enough !