Just for The sake !

Really!!!     Arcachon! France  La c(o)orniche ( 2 pictures on the down left just above, and on the upper right corner under)  http://www.lacoorniche-pyla.com/    New York ( except for The beach, le Pyla France) Harlem Tavern http://harlemtavern.com/ Top of the Rock  Lego store Rockefeller center  Metropolitan THE MET     Bordeaux, France, http://www.lechiendepavlov.com/ Le Chien de la Pavlov ( above ) 45/47 rue de la Devise … Continue reading Just for The sake !

19 February, one year ago and two year ago

Just showing my blog on request of my 7 years old daughter ! And while looking, just felt on (tomber sur) this post, made one year ago: We were in Amsterdam and I just feel in love with this coat. Turned out I did not dare to buy it… It was in a fairy shop next to the Daam and the Krasnapolsky ! No regret, … Continue reading 19 February, one year ago and two year ago

Contrast. Weekly photo challenge : Luxembourg

I ll share again this beautiful picture taken rue Philippe 2 last week in Luxembourg. Contrast of the color on the black wall, and of the sun and the umbrella. You can see more of Luxembourg In This post Luxembourg : where should you dine,drink,linger and feel free to enjoy ! Part 1 | parislux https://parislux.wordpress.com/2014/06/26/luxembourg-where-should-you-dinedrinklinger-and-feel-free-to-enjoy-part-1/ And for more of the challenge : Contrasts | … Continue reading Contrast. Weekly photo challenge : Luxembourg

Weekly photo Challenge: On the Move – Luxembourg

This challenge rings to Much in my head as a mirror of my/our own lives! We are constantly on the move! At first I wanted to share the highway roads, or skyline, I capture as the car swallow kilometer ! I also though sharing pictures I took if highway roads indications. Indicating, remaining km to go to Paris, Amsterdam, Milano, Cervinia, Genoa, Geneva…… But it … Continue reading Weekly photo Challenge: On the Move – Luxembourg