Oh my oh my… Fast is not enough !

Challenge !  Novelty! Pushing yourself ! Moving forward! And more… That is how I feel. Fast is not enough to describe the rythme We are living at. New York could be a definition of the “fast” I ld like to describe. New York is full, fast, new, engaging, opportune, young, never ending, sleepless…  When your away, 2 days seems like a week… You miss it… … Continue reading Oh my oh my… Fast is not enough !

Happy Sunday – Joyeux dimanche.

   Even nicer if you include music.  This is totally my State of mind! The weekly photo challenge matched completely my intended Sunday post!  Some inspiration: To play anywhere and in any circumstances ( pour jouer en toutes circonstances) With your drumkit  Check out Obilab innovation great sound and eco friendly ( made in EU, invented in Paris) Continue reading Happy Sunday – Joyeux dimanche.

50 km 

This year’ich (6 June 2014/6August 2015 ) in numbers: Finally 50 km running ( not much but still!) 3 continents 1 TornM. 3 kids 1 dog More than 3 285 000 steps and some of them, made carrying or pushing! 7 transatlantic flights (both Ways always) 3 continental flights  1 transcontinental flights  In total 22 flights 4 trains ways  7 car rentals 2 burial ( lost my … Continue reading 50 km 

Time! How do you value time?

This is very central “theme” in my life, and one of the main concern of our Time. Look at “Time” magazine, the abundance of clocks, our stressed figures running after time, do more in less time, faster, faster. Wake up! Where we not laughing or horrified, while reading Alice in wonderland, or watching it on screen. “look at this rabbit”, “he is always late, running … Continue reading Time! How do you value time?

19 February, one year ago and two year ago

Just showing my blog on request of my 7 years old daughter ! And while looking, just felt on (tomber sur) this post, made one year ago: We were in Amsterdam and I just feel in love with this coat. Turned out I did not dare to buy it… It was in a fairy shop next to the Daam and the Krasnapolsky ! No regret, … Continue reading 19 February, one year ago and two year ago

Birthday! Birthday flair! New York New York!

I m singing that song, it is today, I ve got the very best of it …..New York…in a city that doesn t sleep… This vagabond shoes…. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=K-0nNWOKK2Q Live your life ! Be part of your dream and make it real….. It s in your hand and in your shoes ( picture from the magician of Oz 1939, right of the picture to movies.com) Continue reading Birthday! Birthday flair! New York New York!