If you plan to go to Denver, drive to Colorado Springs it only one hour away and truly worth the ride. You can stop at Manitou Springs, discover the Gods Garden, Pike Peaks, and so many more things that we could do!

Cos Rodeo :

It’s never too late to see your first Rodeo.

As explained to us, the animals are not mistreated they are cared for as “rock star”. 

I have to say that it seems much harder from a human perspective. What a challenge to stay on these bulls, horses and sheeps ( junior only).

We went to the rodeo organized by CosRodeo at Colorado Springs, in the noris penrose arena. Great choice, people were very nice to us. lots of activities were provided for the children who were treated like kings. From mounting horses, playing darts on ballons entering in tippis, hearing stories, a Beautiful parade, Live concert for all after the rodeo. 

The diner was good and served in the arena, smores were available. 

After the Rodeo they inflated a hot air ballons and we could all take turn and jump in.

It was a perfect evening, I did not want to leave …

More in images.

Queen and Princess: 

Some restaurants tips:

In Colorado Springs : 
Bambino’s Urban pizzeria

 Josh and Johns Ice cream

Around Colorado Springs:

If you are looking for Donut ! The Donut Mill
Manitou Springs 

The Mountains Shadow Also seen in diner and dives on 📺 
To go to :

The Gods’ garden an unforgettable hike the park is free, we would have like to book in advance and discover it on horse back, but discovering it on foot is unforgettable! 

We also visited the US Air Force Academy, very impressive. They have a chapel to welcome all faith Protestant on top, Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist on the lower level, and we saw some indications for others religions ( muslims Methodist and more ).

Hotel :

The hotel we stayed was very clean and perfectly located. And the housekeeping team surprised us with beautiful paper towel arrangements! : Towneplace Marriot Colorad Springs 

I have found there a Very good Lunch place (very good price/quality)

Eat healthy longer

182 av B New York 

Tel 2127773323
Alphabet city is full  of many nice places there and apart from Chinatown, or queens, it will surely be among the most reasonable prices you ll find in NYC ( for good food or drinks ).

  • Enjoy your stroll …



Arcachon! France 

La c(o)orniche ( 2 pictures on the down left just above, and on the upper right corner under)


New York ( except for The beach, le Pyla France)

Harlem Tavern


Top of the Rock 

Lego store Rockefeller center 

Metropolitan THE MET 


Bordeaux, France,

Le Chien de la Pavlov ( above )

45/47 rue de la Devise – 33000 Bordeaux
CONTACT +33 5 56 48 26 71

Bordeaux, and Elvis, great desert and photographs!

13, rue des Piliers de Tutelle

33000 Bordeaux

Contact +33(0)5 56 81 85 79
arcachon place and le Pyla, ( la Coorniche) France,

Bordeaux, France 

New York, USA, upper east side!  

Above, Antonucci  café delicious Italian http://antonuccicafe.com/

170 E 81st St New York, NY 10028, United States

New York, Chelsea Pier, midtown, USA


A mix match… 

Paris, New York, France, USA ! 

Both part of me….
Wishing you a great week end 

This week I luckily red a post on this splendid exhibit of Steven Meisel, at Philipps’ offices, 450 Park av, Nyc.

The info was given, by the blog “almost Free nyc” :

Happy,I was, to be able to break out “the daily schedule” and walk in.

I’m sharing with you some of the picture, permission was granted by the women working in Phillips!

I love the sentence, “at this point we work as a gallery, so if you want to buy, you just have to pick it out the wall!”, maybe what happened to the lady with the apple?

Here’s my favorites:












One of my favorite garden, and place in the world.

A hidden place, in Italy, Cattolica, A place of peace and quiet in the middle of agitation and crowd!

I ll share soon more about it in a further post! So keep posted…

Hope you enjoy this perspective, this focus on the fountain from an other point of view.

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