Challenge ! 


Pushing yourself !

Moving forward!

And more…

That is how I feel.

Fast is not enough to describe the rythme We are living at.

New York could be a definition of the “fast” I ld like to describe.

New York is full, fast, new, engaging, opportune, young, never ending, sleepless… 

When your away, 2 days seems like a week… You miss it… New York has grown into you… You are making One… But it s too much…it s oversize… But you like it … It feels right…les vitesses sont Enclenchees! ( the gears are looked ).

You become yourself, while losing sight of where your going, slow down and think ( almost impossible). Necessary : you break, adjust the speed… Look around realize … Full speed again … It s exhilarating… You are alive !

Hopeje / Jessica 

Some pictures of my first fine art photography exhibition in NYC: more can be found on my website.

This event was the opportunity to star a campaign for SACH such a beautiful adventure : healing one child is bringing life ! 

I realize how overwhelmed we get in The USA with donation request ! It is terrible ! I agree too much … But should you have 2 mn and even 5 $ Donate and reward yourself for it! It s a beautiful cause and your generosity deserved to be thanked.

“Yes I can buy myself this beautiful dress, take the time to drink my coffee in peace, eat an ice cream.” Anything you wish for, in a normal day, you deserve it ! today you  earned it! No doubt.

Last week I saw a moving documentary on children saved by SACH… And I wished I could do more… It was about children in Tanzanie and miracles! generosity and passion of 2 doctors and the love of parents for their sick child! The strength of community! It was about beleifs ! Faith in God ! Any God! They all had a different name for God but believed in the same strengh! LOVE LIFE HOPE COMMITMENTS !

How the effort of men can change life for One and for all.

Some years ago a girl from Ethiopia with a congenital heart disease was saved by SACH she is now in the USA completing her studies to become medical doctor and go back to Etiopia to help healing her people!

Save one life and your ll save many more !
The campaign Hearted ! Artists for SACH ! started May 5ft will end in 2 days. Press here and reward yourselves. Thank you! 
Yesterday We met these bikers  in Central Park ! They had just completed 556 miles in a day from Quebec to NYC ! Free spirit! Great smile ! Love to meet people that follow their dreams!

Nobody said it s easy but it is surely worth it!

Believe in yourself and live your dreams! Make it happen ! Yes you can !


Let s keep this sweet 16 January boost us into a good new year…

Fresh start, the cold is back, winter here we go.

But let s go backward …. Rewind to Italy … And its gentle sun, colors and saveurs!:  

Milan / Malpensa

Asti / Montemagno


 On the road from France to Italy in a coat of clouds  



 Best ice cream of Genova Italy Boccadasse Antica gelateria Amedeo

 ( Portofino under brackets   
Portofino and it s beautiful water! For the rest we were quite disappointed. I usually don’t share my disappointment but my good finds…

The restaurant ô Magazin Was a no Go, Portofino over all Was So Tiny and touristic, prices were ridiculous as not worth it… )

Genova Still and always in my heart

 Ristorante Montallegro one of the best restaurant we went to in Genova ! And the quality remained as good as when we came first 4 years ago!

A meter of pizza, to panacota, to delicious pasta, they keep the quality in a great atmosphere since 1913! 

To get there the funicular 🙂 a great way to discover the city.

Keep in mind their closing day on Monday!

And what a view! A panorama I should say!

À bientôt, see you soon ….





  Never forget, the victims of November in Paris, of Beyrouth, Israel, world wide… To  many….

Mode/fashion /art/ innovation :

A special bravo to Jennijane  as she has lanches her e-shop on November 8, 2015. More than a clutch, she has created a piece of atmosphere and “une pièce à avoir Dans sa grade-robe” a  accessory to have ! High end, limited edition…

A perfect mix between Paris/LA…

I have mine !

More on 

Thanks :

A special thanks to Nicole Z. For her pictures of the Eiffel tour and of the “chambre de commerce”.

To Loue-Anne,  Lucile-Mei and Guillemette  for their beautiful Bleu heart’ s cake!

Food :

Chaiwali Harlem

274 Malcolm X Blvd

New York, NY 10027

United States

The Fuller building holds many art galleries,

Special discovery : The Delhi Art Gallery, Dagmodern to discover modern Indian art “sous in nouveau jour” (under a niew light).

I was Looking for my way, when I found her !

What a gift! Of happiness and Love ! 

Thank you Shoko

You Can follow her and discover her at

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