Luxembourg: My favorite places to have a bite, lunch, dine or have a drink in Luxembourg, Grand-Duché de Luxembourg Part 1


I have just realized, I had not yet given you my favorite places in Lux. Which could be very helpful if you visit this city, or country.
Until now, all I gave, were pictures, glimpse on Luxembourg atmosphere. Also nice, as for me, living your travel as if you were a native, is the best way of traveling. In the meantime, it makes you travel from where you are.

For a nice juice, coffee, tea, cake, bagel, bite on your way to the city center once you have just parked, or hopped off the bus:

The coffee lounge

28 rue de la poste

My favorite Restaurants:

For lunch only:


Located on the corner of rue Henri IV and av de la faïencerie, Luxembourg, Limpertsberg.

You ll find Fresh bio food, juice, salad, soup, an islandic pizza, and a cooked dish. An an amazing carrot cake. Only 3 or 4 choices but vous trouverez votre bonheur. (you ll find your match)
Started by Islandic ladies, it is a great place, always fully booked, you should better reserve in the morning. You might be lucky and find a place on one of the 3 big ( sits 10) sharing table. But if you want to assure your privacy (table for 2 or more). Call them.
Only open from 8 a.m. To 2 p.m.



A note for later it started with 90% of women customer in happ’s . Now, Men do come as well and enjoy healthy food. 😉

Cuisine japonaise/ japanese
265, rue du Neudorf
26 32 10 59
27 04 84
Jackie and his wife held this very nice restaurant!
We spent new year eve 2014/15 there and had a great evening! We were a large group of adults and children from 4 to 11 years old.
Not only, it was delicious, but they were kind, flexible, gifting us with surprises and a fire work!
I really recommend this restaurant, it was indeed a great discovery, thus the decoration is very nice.

Saveur Lao Thai, I love their pho-Bo.
Vietnamese TRAITEUR in the city center passage Grand Rue Beaumont


Thai easy near the station

For lunch and diner:

Le Chiggerri, one of the first restaurant I’ve discovered in 1999 when I was here as an intern, still great, great decoration, and food. french food, the widest

Il riccio! Delicious, refine Italian cooking. In the city center.

La Mesa verde delicious Vegetarian + Fish in the old part of the city, near the court of Justice and above the grund.

Aka the only sushi train in Luxembourg, also offers European day plate. In the city center just next to the place d Arme.

Opium out side Luxembourg 10 mn drive

Yamatzu Santatzu in city center.
The best sushi! You need to reserve

#Anabanana table d Hôte
Located in the clausen. Below part of Luxembourg old city. Very nice fusion vegetarian cooking. You need your time in the evening! But that s a great way to relax.

Fragolino great and easy Italian. Can hold big groups, great portion and quality of food. Very welcoming.

Thailand in Belair and the Thai Celadon rue du Nord ( old part of the city. Very refined! They even had a Michelin reward.

In the week or week end with a concert

L’inoi 40 mn from Luxembourg city by car. Great restaurant and concert place.

For special occasions an more :

Kamakura in the grund ( below part of the old city). the best Japanese cooking, great sushi as well! They serve the grand duc’s court.

Lea Linster

 #My very special place, my little secret place, an idea for Valentine day maybe?:

ANABANANA, if you want to take time, enjoy the person you are with and very good food that is where you need to go. It is slow food, good vegetarian food, macrobiotique actually. Vegetarian fusion 8

And Ana deserves to be known.

117 Rue de la Tour Jacob Luxembourg L-1831    Tél: 691 92 52 56

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