Just for The sake !

Really!!!     Arcachon! France  La c(o)orniche ( 2 pictures on the down left just above, and on the upper right corner under)  http://www.lacoorniche-pyla.com/    New York ( except for The beach, le Pyla France) Harlem Tavern http://harlemtavern.com/ Top of the Rock  Lego store Rockefeller center  Metropolitan THE MET     Bordeaux, France, http://www.lechiendepavlov.com/ Le Chien de la Pavlov ( above ) 45/47 rue de la Devise … Continue reading Just for The sake !

Top 3 posts of first 2015 quarter, birthday, courage and music

Dear all, Hope you are doing great today. As it is and should be. Yesterday was Earth day, it’s spring, and today is Israel’s Independence day anniversary. When I was a teenager I did not understand the importance of Israel’s existence. Not always easy to understand. Now I surely do, and I take the opportunity to thank all who contributed in creating this state, and … Continue reading Top 3 posts of first 2015 quarter, birthday, courage and music

Top 3 posts for 2013 and more

2013 is gone… Here we are 2014! With its challenges, and surprises… Hoping good ones for all of us! Health and happiness would do…. I am pleased to see that my top post for 2013 is: Amsterdam, one of my favorite cities. | parislux https://parislux.wordpress.com/amsterdam-une-de-mes-villes-favorites/amsterdam-one-of-my-favorite-city/ Pleased, as my first idea, once I decided to start writing this blog, was sharing some tips and views I … Continue reading Top 3 posts for 2013 and more