Top 3 posts for 2013 and more

2013 is gone… Here we are 2014!
With its challenges, and surprises…
Hoping good ones for all of us!
Health and happiness would do….

I am pleased to see that my top post for 2013 is:

Amsterdam, one of my favorite cities. | parislux

Pleased, as my first idea, once I decided to start writing this blog, was sharing some tips and views I had on places I like, and visit.

Ben Mazué – french singer /// Benjamin Clementine – English singer | parislux

Musicians, musical universes I fell in love with this year,


Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light! | parislux

A weekly challenge I like to participate to, and the light : a subject crucial in my live, as I’m looking for it…

Writing this blog, did more to me, it made me discover other bloggers’ universe, and share a bit more.

3 blogs I really love, among the one I follow ( for the others check my comments ):


For the rest We have a year to see more of each other, share and discover together.

In the meantime I wish you all again a healthy, funny, challenging, and happy new year!


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