As a tradition in France you can and should wish happy New Year until the last day of January.

I wish you all a happy and beautiful New Year.

May you and your families be blessed by happy   Moments and surprises all year long.

I also want to thank you for following me and be by my side along the way.

Always looking forward sharing great places vibes and details. 

Through my posts through my lense, and in person as shows are getting ready.

Keep posted “Portrait d’Atmosphère” will be seen in New York City in March 2017, as well as “Light fantasie”…

Wishing you once more a beautiful and happy New Year 🎊🎈🎆 

Enjoy and share … smile happy thoughts and good energy… it’s free and makes life better for everyone.



Mix match of my 2015 Instagram pictures !

En avant toute vers 2016, bonne préparation et bon réveillon.
2016 here we come, Happy New years’ eve.
And a big thank you, un grand merci 

For following me, 

And sharing me/ sharing With me…
Bonne année à tous,
Happy New year! 

2013 is gone… Here we are 2014!
With its challenges, and surprises…
Hoping good ones for all of us!
Health and happiness would do….

I am pleased to see that my top post for 2013 is:

Amsterdam, one of my favorite cities. | parislux

Pleased, as my first idea, once I decided to start writing this blog, was sharing some tips and views I had on places I like, and visit.

Ben Mazué – french singer /// Benjamin Clementine – English singer | parislux

Musicians, musical universes I fell in love with this year,


Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light! | parislux

A weekly challenge I like to participate to, and the light : a subject crucial in my live, as I’m looking for it…

Writing this blog, did more to me, it made me discover other bloggers’ universe, and share a bit more.

3 blogs I really love, among the one I follow ( for the others check my comments ):


For the rest We have a year to see more of each other, share and discover together.

In the meantime I wish you all again a healthy, funny, challenging, and happy new year!