If you plan to go to Denver, drive to Colorado Springs it only one hour away and truly worth the ride. You can stop at Manitou Springs, discover the Gods Garden, Pike Peaks, and so many more things that we could do!

Cos Rodeo :

It’s never too late to see your first Rodeo.

As explained to us, the animals are not mistreated they are cared for as “rock star”. 

I have to say that it seems much harder from a human perspective. What a challenge to stay on these bulls, horses and sheeps ( junior only).

We went to the rodeo organized by CosRodeo at Colorado Springs, in the noris penrose arena. Great choice, people were very nice to us. lots of activities were provided for the children who were treated like kings. From mounting horses, playing darts on ballons entering in tippis, hearing stories, a Beautiful parade, Live concert for all after the rodeo. 

The diner was good and served in the arena, smores were available. 

After the Rodeo they inflated a hot air ballons and we could all take turn and jump in.

It was a perfect evening, I did not want to leave …

More in images.

Queen and Princess: 

Some restaurants tips:

In Colorado Springs : 
Bambino’s Urban pizzeria

 Josh and Johns Ice cream

Around Colorado Springs:

If you are looking for Donut ! The Donut Mill
Manitou Springs 

The Mountains Shadow Also seen in diner and dives on 📺 
To go to :

The Gods’ garden an unforgettable hike the park is free, we would have like to book in advance and discover it on horse back, but discovering it on foot is unforgettable! 

We also visited the US Air Force Academy, very impressive. They have a chapel to welcome all faith Protestant on top, Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist on the lower level, and we saw some indications for others religions ( muslims Methodist and more ).

Hotel :

The hotel we stayed was very clean and perfectly located. And the housekeeping team surprised us with beautiful paper towel arrangements! : Towneplace Marriot Colorad Springs 

Today I just wanted to share a beautiful picture my mother and law took and sent me this Sunday.

Taken in Holland 😉 

Bravo Elly. Love you picture.

I don’t know why it feels very poetic to me…

Unbelievable but true these pictures were taken In Central Park this morning. 

Pictures by Hopeje ( Jessica de Vreeze ©) feel free To Share and use but keep The copyrights In mind and tag me.

Wishing You a Great Sunday !

Greek parade and Tortue ninja, rainbow dragonfly and Roller blades … Incognito here we go. 

Oh: though this pink dressed’s dog was not to be missed ! 

For kids and adults, friends, lovers, family, siblings… Let s swing !

Other fun activities in Central Park:

 This season challenge, 😋 weekly challenge falls perfectly. It s Very à propos.

The seasons are mad, it snows and rains a minute later.

We goes from -20 celcius degrees to +12 celcius degrees in 2 to 3 days laps…

Oh, forgot to mention that I am in New York.

However the crazy climate ( climate change is not adequate anymore, to eclectic) can apply to all part of the word…

Keep being green as we can be, is one step in the right direction.

Adjust our mood to all changes and embrasse the weather changes is an other…. the sun is back lets have a walk outside… Oh snow, come one guys lets grabe our skies…no I m not skizophrene even if these 2 sentenses can be said the same day !

It is the seasons charivarie!

On a spiritual level my life feels wavy, I surfing on my envies carrying for my  obligations…and I am aiming Happy!

So let s get a mix of images to illustrate my idea and this nice challenge:
These pictures are without filters, taken the past 3 weeks in NEw York City or New York State, ( and a tiny foot in Adirondack montain) light, low temperatures, almost spring temperature, snow, jacket or not jacket…full skiing suit against shorts 3 days later! 
Embrasse the seasons, wishing you a great week…
À bientôt!