It has been a while I wanted to share with you my favorite restaurants in NYC. This time I chose to do it through a map. Super handy. I ll add more restaurants to it in the week to come and other maps will follow, best park, my favorite museums and many more.


Pour vous une liste de mes restaurants favoris à NYC profitez bien:

<iframe src=”; width=”640″ height=”480″>

Some tips on my top french restaurants:

1/Maison Harlem, love the food the ambiance the wine, it’s just like being in Chaletet les Halles in Paris or la butte Montmartre. Their ratatouille is amazing and there merguez home made, duck, tarte flambée…

2/La tarte Flambé highly recommended, to be tried asap

3/ If I want French or Swiss Raclette, I ll go to ( Lower East Side)

4/Orsay for everything

5/ Demarchelier for the cheese fondue

Just click on the  Map… bon appetit


A Very good Address Upper East side NYC

Mei-Jin Ramen 

Located on:

3rd av And 82nd 

A quote From people living down town:

“We are coming From down-town To way Their Ramen”.

Nothing else To Add…



I am happy … 3 years  have passed since I started this adventure, sharing places, ideas, images, and keeping memories through these blog’s pages.

Thank you for following me and my adventures…. see you soon for more ….à bientôt….

Bisous ! ( kisses )



Just for you:

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Let see what 2016 nous réserve ( awaites for us…)…


Few words:

Great wine 

Romantic cosy and Friendly athmosphere 

European style! Elegant! Makes me think of a small an sweet restaurant in Chatelet, les Halles in Paris but with it s unique NY touch. 

Perfect personnel

Right music 

Delicious food ( my duck breast was just pink the raspberry sauce was divine, as was the salad dressing ( I usually always ask sauces on the side, most of the time it s to gracy for me, this time I forgot for my great pleasure ! The sauce and dressing were divine).

And great Company, thanks @Patty.
245 E 81st St

New York, NY 10028

United States

+1 (646) 641-2282

Just the perfect silhouette behind these heavy curtains!

A very nice discovery in Miami downtown!

The nicest, and warmest reception in Miami.

Plus very good food quality, great music played by a DJ, very south of France ambiance in this Argentinian restaurant !

And even such a nice welcome to our children, bringing them toys, in this adult night life scene!
923 brickell avenue miami downtown

For more of this challenge :

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Arrived in Amsterdam, last Sunday the wind Was blowing hard! The pick of the Storm Was announced for this Monday 28/10/2013.
I decided to mainly stay “home” ( hotel) with the kids.

Just a little walk to De Bijenkorf, around 11 a.m. we’re we had lunch. I Would not have imagined it was so nice, the cooks prepare the food on request on the moment and seeing me arriving with 3 young kids, adapted their rythmne and all.


I was not serene as I saw some tree’s branch on the Daam. But all parents would acknowledge how difficult it is to stay in, an entire day with kids under 9 years old.

As the walk was of 2 mn, I evaluated the risks as very low. Most of the walk was in small narrow streets between buildings, and the last part on the Daam. But at one stage, just about to enter de Bijenkorf, I clinched on my 3 years old son’s hand afraid to see him fly away!

At 12.45 I received a message from my husband, “where are you, I m very worried,
Someone just died on the Herengracht”.

Poor person killed by a tree, sad, terrifying.

I dedicate this post to his memory.

And wish all other luck, which seems to be the key to life.

I feel very sorry for this person and his/her family.

Life does not hold only explainable fact/ mysteries.

After this dramatic news, we went right back to the hotel, un noeud dans le ventre and hoped bad news would stop there!

Nature is impredectible, by 4 pm, the storm was over and we could walk out again and see the result of its venue.




Life brings its lot of suprise, sorrow and happiness.

It seems anachronic to speak of lunch time and then inform on one’s end of life! But as horrible as it can be, it is how life is

Since I was a child, My father always told me to, open the window every morning, breath air, and thank G. For this day. I surely did not do it everyday, nor really understood it. But I have it in me and do it my way, trying to keep a smile on my face.

The best we can do, is think about the lost ones, keep their memories, and try to smile as much as we can. A smile is not much but can make the world a better place, as a smiling person gives positive energy and courage, it does even to yourself.

Ceci etant dit this being said, that does not mean you need to smile at any cost, a fake smile is worst, an sometime we need a good cry, or shout!
( no I m not Charlotte aux Fraises 🙂 )

After a grey and foggy day, a beautiful sun shines on the place de la Concorde.



A little walk around the Marais.
And it’s small restaurants, boutiques, and bars. Ambiance guaranteed.



A gifted photograph at the Jeu de Paume in the Tuileries: Erwin Blumenfeld


To have a nice very nice wine and ” apetizer” :
Etoile manquante
34, rue vielle du temple
75004 Paris metro St. Paul

Les philosophes,

28 rue Vielle du temple
75004 Paris ( also great for diner)

And just in front la vielle HOrtence
A library wine bar.

And to finish the sumptuous Eiffel Tower!


A great restaurant near the Palais de Tokyo, vis à vis the Eiffel Tower

Aux marches du Palais
5 rue de la manutention.
75116 Paris France

Brittany, our little get away for 2 days…
My husband and I always wanted to come visit and get emprint of Brittany.

It is wide, and you have to make choices!

Where shall we go to: the broceliande forest, a city such as Rennes, the coast but which coast….

Our was take our time, be by the sea, and enjoy simple things in a coast and charming atmosphere.

We ended up in a charming out of the way, little hotel, the Lodge Kerisper, located in the Trinité-sur-mer, morbihan.

A white main house linked to 2 small others and a swimming pool, all gather around a common beautiful little flower garden.


One of the thinks that striked us, in la Trinité-sur-mer and the surroundings, was the amount of Hortensia, from pink to blue passing by purple! beautiful !

And of course in Brittany, the amount of Créperie! pankakes places, it’s like eating pasta in Italy you can t be disapointed!

And fishes sea food, fresh as it can be…

Let’s not forget cider.

And dessert. Funny coincidence, one of the best patissier of France M. Alain Chartier, had an ice cream shop, also selling macaron right on la Trinité sur mer front de mer, sea front.

Miam Miam.

We went by to the Alignement, very famous and know by Carnac and else where! Surprising, how in the Neolithic man and women ( who knows) had the ingenuousness and idea and strength to put up to hudge stones! Dolmens are also all around the area.
Questions are still open on why.
But chapeau bas

Back on the gastronomy :

2 good address if you want a good and simple restaurant with fresh product well cooked, great athmosphere and good service:

Le quai la Trinité sur mer!
They are full winter through summer and never take reservation but you ll find a place.

The road to Quiberon is beautiful, Quiberon is an island attached to the main land une presque-île.

Therefore you can see on both side the shore and the sea.
The beaches are of very soft sand.

After 10 mn drive from Carnac, you can decide to access Quiberon from the wild coast côte sauvage.
So worth it, magnificent cliffs, small beaches with only pedestrian access…

Close to your arrival point but still on the wild coast, we saw a restaurant La Criée. Smelled delicious, but no tables left. ( a bonus to try)

It was for good, as we discovered le restaurant Le café de Maria.

Le restaurant le café de Maria Quiberon, not directly on the sea, you can see it while you re walking by the port!
The adress: 8 rue de Kervozes Port Maria- Quiberon phone number: 0033(0)297505389.
Better to reserve this one, we got lucky arriving at 8 pm to find the last non-reserved table.

(You still see the sea from your table, if you ask for)

A good excuse to go back to Quiberon, great ambiance, service, music, and the fish was so fresh, delicious and served with nice vegetable! un Délice .
Not to forget the dessert! I had a crepe soufflée à la framboise. Pancake with rasberry and vanilla ice cream.
My husband had a cake called the cake of Maria. it’s a chocolate Charlotte ( kind of chocolate mousse) stuffed with cream brûlée! Un délice (delicious).

One our way back to the kids, we stopped by Auray, and the Port de Goustan. Beautiful little city. Nice creperie le Bar à crêpe

Hope I made you dream a little, and that you ll have the chance to travel to Brittany!

We’ll certainly do, hopefully a bit longer and with the kids.
The tips above are child proff as well…








Above wild coast and Quiberon.

More pictures will come later, when I ll get on my computer… In the meantime thanks to my iPhone …