If you plan to go to Denver, drive to Colorado Springs it only one hour away and truly worth the ride. You can stop at Manitou Springs, discover the Gods Garden, Pike Peaks, and so many more things that we could do!

Cos Rodeo :

It’s never too late to see your first Rodeo.

As explained to us, the animals are not mistreated they are cared for as “rock star”. 

I have to say that it seems much harder from a human perspective. What a challenge to stay on these bulls, horses and sheeps ( junior only).

We went to the rodeo organized by CosRodeo at Colorado Springs, in the noris penrose arena. Great choice, people were very nice to us. lots of activities were provided for the children who were treated like kings. From mounting horses, playing darts on ballons entering in tippis, hearing stories, a Beautiful parade, Live concert for all after the rodeo. 

The diner was good and served in the arena, smores were available. 

After the Rodeo they inflated a hot air ballons and we could all take turn and jump in.

It was a perfect evening, I did not want to leave …

More in images.

Queen and Princess: 

Some restaurants tips:

In Colorado Springs : 
Bambino’s Urban pizzeria

 Josh and Johns Ice cream

Around Colorado Springs:

If you are looking for Donut ! The Donut Mill
Manitou Springs 

The Mountains Shadow Also seen in diner and dives on 📺 
To go to :

The Gods’ garden an unforgettable hike the park is free, we would have like to book in advance and discover it on horse back, but discovering it on foot is unforgettable! 

We also visited the US Air Force Academy, very impressive. They have a chapel to welcome all faith Protestant on top, Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist on the lower level, and we saw some indications for others religions ( muslims Methodist and more ).

Hotel :

The hotel we stayed was very clean and perfectly located. And the housekeeping team surprised us with beautiful paper towel arrangements! : Towneplace Marriot Colorad Springs 

Just showing my blog on request of my 7 years old daughter !
And while looking, just felt on (tomber sur) this post, made one year ago:

We were in Amsterdam and I just feel in love with this coat. Turned out I did not dare to buy it… It was in a fairy shop next to the Daam and the Krasnapolsky !
No regret, just good memory!

Wordless Wednesday 2014.02.19 | so parislux !

Then I though let’s look what I posted around same day 2 years ago!
Turned out I only started my blog less than 2 years ago.

The closest to then was March 2013

Why Paris Lux | so parislux !

What has changed! A lot an not much!
Family grew as we welcomed a dog! Middle size ! 43 pounds! Around 19kg same weight as our second daughter ! You saw him on some of my post !
Wordless Wednesday! Once upon a dog! | so parislux !

Crazy as we travel so much! It s our life, I guess!
Our dog did not come on all our travels but most of them, south of France, Italy, Paris, Amsterdam, New York, Miami, Luxembourg of course! Woodstock !

Once, I was discussing with a friend of mine saying it was quite crazy! How our pupie friese stabij came from a farm in frieseland holland, and became a world traveller! She answered! Your dog is so lucky! I would rather be at the place of your dog to have such a life! we had such a laugh, right after! Especially coming from another globetrotter !

What else, we made the big jump over the pound*! As my cousins from Florida always say! (* pound is the Atlantic Ocean )
Splitting our life over the continents!

I can’t stay mute regarding the terrible world actuality ! We have to stand up straight! Keep our value high! Believe in democracy and its values, respect one an other! Stand as one against terror, not taking excuses for more atrocities!
For once miss world, universe or any pageant of any kinds favorite quote is adequate : “I wish for a world peace”!
Let’s act for it! The efforts of each of us added together may help!

I very recently lost my “french” grand-ma, it left me speechless ! My reasons to reach out to Europe are for the moment getting thinner and thinner! For now!
I do think she lives through the memories we have of her and for all she gave to all that had the chance to meet her! She was a passionate woman that gave herself completely to the one she loved! I was lucky to be one of them as all the member of our family! She adopted my husband as her own grandson and was present for all our children. She was Grand-Maman and Nona, she was a mam too and a woman!

A woman who taught and passed her passion of learning to at least 4 generations!

She would taught all she knew to whom ever needed it, or wanted it!
Once I came to her in Paris, rang the bell, she opened the door, her cleaning lady was sitting in front of the piano! She had decided to taught her how to play!
No she was not a piano teacher !
I miss her every day, even if I do know it is better that way, as she needed to reach the other side!
I guess, love and loss have no age, no reason! It is just how it is!
Deep inside I don’t want to speak about her at past tense ! I want to include her in my everyday !
I realize I am very lucky to have had her by my side until my 36th birthday !
She had a true and beautiful smile and sparkling eyes!

Let’s all celebrate life and gift it brings along!

I still want to share atmosphere, glimpses of life through my eyes, from me to you! From you to me!

In draft :
Among others
addresses and “rencontre” ( meetings) in Woodstock !
Tips and addresses in New York and Miami!

In the meantime let me share with you some sneak pick on the coming post… Pictures…glimpses, and I send you all lots of kisses!







So many green areas Paris, you would not imagine.
One of the French particularity play grounds, places to wall around, for Kids to play.

When you say, you have been brought up in Paris, people’s face turns mad, a big grin, and say:

    • People: “oh I m so sorry”. It must be so hard. Meaning, no life and locked up in an apartment all year-long, the horrible flux of car and a midst of pollution.
  •  Me:” for what?” And I reply, I have been so happy being brought up in Paris’ center of course! I had all I wanted, playgrounds, shops, museums, friends.  Incredible events to attend, fashion shows during fashion week, university etc… and when you need more wide spaces, you have plenty of possibility in a range of 10 mn to 70 mn drive. (Le Bois de Boulogne, Versailles, Rambouillet, Chantilly). The Beaches of Normandy at 2 hours of train, planes with 2 international airport.
  • Me: Don t grin at me!

So today I ll share some of the PARC, garden, playgrounds, so you can enjoy it, as any other Parisian.

It is great to walk around them. they have all this French Parisian atmosphere, but have all their specificity, as all neighbourhood are different.

They are more empty In the winter, as french people don’t stay too much out side in the cold. You can still enjoy them with a very good coat, gloves scarf and hat.

In general and particularly in the spring and the summer, you can linger in these park for hours, read a book, just sit or lay in the park. You’ll also in all of them find small Parisian café, and small trolley selling ice cream or beverage or “crêpe” french pancakes. (You might not find peaches, but surely croissant).


Le parc du Luxembourg,

in the center of the latin quarter, it has some lovely alleys bordered with trees, wide pound where kids can play with boats pushing them from one side to the other.

This parc border the french Senate, where laws are discussed and voted, and you can find as well bee farms. As it is in the middle of the latin quarter, it is central to most prestigious universities such as La Sorbonne or Panthéon Assas. You can often see groups of students either lingering around of discussing topics.

There is a quarter dedicated to pétanque, a french sport consisting on throwing heavy middle size steel balls as near as possible to the cochonnet a small wooden ball. This game is often played by elderly people. It has the popularity of bowling in France and you can play it anywhere.


Le champs de Mars

 an institution, at the foot of the Eiffel Tour, also called by the french, la dame de fer (meaning the iron lady, nothing to do with Margaret Thatcher). You’ll find every thing, first a beautiful view of Paris, just at the cross “road” of the  Trocadéro, the Eiffel Tower, the Invalide and the Ecole Militaire. Not forgetting you are couples of minutes away by foot from the Statue of Liberty, the Parc André Citroen, simply of la Seine.

You can decide to simply sit and relax on a bench, watching from right to left and up and down. Or lay on the grass and watch the sky. Play basket on a dedicated field near the école militaire, our bring your kids on a beautiful merry go round, made of wooden horses (small fee), still in the same state I new it when I was myself a child. You can also bring your kids to a playground with trains, or princess carriages (free of charge).

You have to keep in mind that Paris is a walkable city, you could be walking all day long and still enjoy new discoveries.


Le Jardin des Tuilleries

Just, by the Louvres, it holds arts expositions at le jeu de paume, children’s games of course, and its famous little boat pound, and at least once a year a beautiful funfair in the late spring.
Today, our dog is for the first time in Paris. That made us discover, the Tuillerie are not dog friendly, only allowed in certain area… But still so beautiful.



Le Jardin du Ranelagh, also called le Parc de la Muette.

is a lovely and simple parc, with a children theater, merry-go-round, to know more just have a look at my post:



These are my favorite green areas in Paris, knowing you have plenty more, among others, le Parc Monceau (17eme arrondissement), le bois de Boulogne, just by the 16 arrondissement de Paris, le Parc de St Cloud, le Jardin d’acclimatation and now just repoened le zoo de Vincennes.


More on Paris, through my eyes:


the following, hold some nice addresses:








Today 26/04/14 in Amsterdam on the VONDEL PARC YES AMSTERDAM’s rocks on koningsdag


The following in feb!






Looking for Some tips and good address in Amsterdam


Letters | The Daily Post


Weekly Photo Challenge – Letters | Just Snaps



parislux | Simply be yourself, as if, it was possible, at least bite into it!

On Top | The Daily Post



I though, again and again, should I be selfish, and not share this wonderful mini paradise With you?

7 rooms in the middle of ski’s slopes.
Using Moto-snow to get there, or skis 🙂 but trust me you wouldn’t want to miss the snow-Moto especially for the luggage or getting up there after a stroll in Cervinia. (2050 meter high)

A delicious restaurant, well known in the region and abroard.

A perfect nest on a blue slope, for you as a single, couple or like us family with 3 young children!

How easy, you just put on and off your skis, no carrying around etc.

It has a homey feeling, Marco and his wife Iryna made of this hotel and restaurant a place we want to stay and come back to. ( third time for us, thanks to Ari& her beloved, who took us first here). Herman to make sure we have everything we need, and Victor at the stove!!!
Thanks to the team, without forgetting the rest of the staff, who always brings up a smile and great service.

Difficult but needed, I would not deprive you of the opportunity to spend a wonderful resourcing holiday here… Hopefully we’ll always have one of the 7 rooms for us to enjoy!

As they say, nice food, rest, sport, amazing view and a little nest making you feel you are alone in the middle of nowhere ( being still only 3mn walk Down from Cervinia city center and 1 mn in snow- Moto).

Here’s the web site of the hotel

And some picture:
Please note that the picture where taken this week ( April 2014) and there is still plenty of snow to ski all day 🙂

( view of, and from the hotel)








I really need to come up with a good idea:

For now, Here are the countries and places I want to travel to:
List A: my dream free list, no boundaries,

1/Portland, Oregon, USA
3/New Zealand
5/Hawaii, thanks to Jessica Doffelmeyer’s blog and pictures!
6/England, country side, sea-side, thanks to the people sharing pictures on twitters (Swines Meadow @rareplants, Alison level @papaver, Hardys Plants @hardyplants, The Wollies @WoollyGreen, Dottycookie @SalixArts and many more check my tweeter if you wish @JessideVreeze )! And next to London to see Harry Potters’ studio
8/Ireland again
10/ India
11/la maison d ‘Arlette in the mountains not far from the mountains near Grenoble in France ( again)
12/Portugal with my friend “Owl”
13/ Brittany again!
14/ Italy, open business as always
15/ Romania

List B, my travel need list! Priority:
As when your family and friends are scattered around the world, we made a priority to see them no matter the distance or at least to make it matter less…or try to pretend it does not matter (as it does, practically and money wise)

1/ USA Albany to see my grand ma
2/ USA Miami sunrise etc Florida to see family and because we love that part of the US
3/USA New York to see my dear Macarony and family
A note for myself 1/2/3 can be planed in one trip! As usual! And, yes it is tiring specially with 3 kids, but worth it and never long enough!
4/Paris France, to see my grand na family and friends, planed next week-end,
5/London to meet princess El
( could be combined with A.6, no I m not playing “bataille navale”)
6/from 5 weeks on, Amsterdam to meet little baby V.
7/Normandy to meet princess Sarah.
8/ Bordeaux France to meet the super Tweens and see their glorious parents, and because Bordeaux is a great place to be.
(Point B.7 and B.8.
(we could meet up in Paris, would be easier, or in Lux))
9/drôme France for my herbal studies ( June )
10/ Lyon France idem
11/ switzerland to see our sweet Irish/French friends ( could be combined, with the B9 and 10)
12/Israel, Tel Aviv and further to attend the wedding of in our Belgium family and see our family there, always a good reason to travel to this beautiful country. ( a piece of our summer 2014)

Wouah my head is spinning I need idea! Courage, and strength to let traveling be a pleasure and not a pressure 😉

I wished for a life of traveling and I received more than I wished for our life is traveling!

We are just back from week in Holland ! A mix of work and school holidays, driven by my 3 Wild kids and our dogs! This week was breathless…and yet I think ahead!

Sometimes, I can’t stand traveling anymore, and after more than 4 weeks or 5, I start feeling the thirst of it again!
When it’s to much I stop for 2 months and try to resource myself in Luxembourg.

Tonight I am happy to be back, normally going again is Paris next week end and for us( kids and puppy) not moving until 4 April…ouf… husbany, brief breathing and many traveling in between….

P.S.: traveling include, children, husband and dog ( most of the time).
For those wondering, yes we travel with our dog, he came back with us from Friesland in November, than back to Amsterdam once 5 December and twice this week with a brief stop in Breda, Den Haag, etc in the meantime, he came with us to Evian for Christmas, than Provence to see family and south of France and Burgundy…
And he’s a great traveler.
Only issue, will be USA but we found a super cosy pension, and some country like Australia or New Zealand that ask to long quarantine to bring him along… But wherever he can come he will….

So any ideas in my quest are welcome ! In the meantime I’ll enjoy some time in Lux….Small country very propice for traveling 🙂


As it is nice to have some images, you can admire this great idea: a lost and found object’s fence in the Vondel Park in Amsterdam. I just love this idea!

The following is To read only if you have energy to lose:

Come one, are you ever going to search for a lost glove in the list and found on a city? For example in Paris you have a huge one, but in from my 0 to 24 years old, when I was living there, I have never even attempted taking the time to go there and look up for something… I know it’s an absurd example but it explain it all.
And after a week in Amsterdam I’m lawfully granted a crazy quote! Quote of my raw though! Ok I ll stop there sorry…


Is the first word that comes through my mind,
when I thing of the city discovered by night.

When I think of the “chambre d’hôte” bed and breakfast, his host, very attentive and friendly, its location up the hill in the country side 2 km away from the City center.

When I think of the other inhabitant of the chambre d’hôte, an unexpected and truly charming discovery! A myriade of sculptures and painting of Jurga Martin, as if you enter an art gallery, a fantasy place, a place where childhood last among deep dreams, a great discovery, pulling the stay to a true gift, as you not only share a place but an atmosphere an art journey enriching us!
Thus the host made us an additional “gift” touring us through there amazing basement. Une grotte, (a cave) half natural, half constructed through 20 years of hard work. A magical worl, where wine, bats, a jacuzzi, and the amazing world of Mrs Jurga Martins cohabits with grace and eerie.

When I think of a delicious restaurant, le Counti with adorable personnel,

When I think of the Saturday morning market in Beaune center, with smiling people, despite the gray weather, the cold and the lack of affluence, happy to make you taste their terroir products!

We’ll be coming back before spring to taste wine, sirop, cheese, walk around nature discover art and craft castle…
Toute une adventure
In the meantime here s a snapshot of this journey

Beaune by night




The chambre d hôte and the sculptures








Nota bene:

Dogs are welcome, in Beaune everywhere we stayed. ( restaurants etc…)
A little anecdote: as we were walking around the town after diner, we see on the street, a dog and his master, we have just crossed 2 days before on the Harbor of St Tropez.
The world is really small, and yet, Beaune, st Romain, or Macon, are the best “étape” ( stops) you can make when you are driving from south of France to the north. It’s at a reasonable distance ( 5/6 hours driving range from south) and really a pleasant way to continue your holidays and make new discoveries.

Le conty:
+33 3 80 22 63 94 rue Ziem beaune


( we tried another for lunch the day before, not even a comparison as the one mentioned was much nice.)

The sculptor/the artist:
She makes her world alive!





Frozen: beautiful
The movie theater : Amazing! Art Deco monument – what a privilege
The clown also very “grand”







We have to thank the Nh hotels that invited us to this premiere.
It was well though, amazing, and memorable for “petits et grands” ( children and adults)

The movie theater Tuschinski is really to be seen while you travel to Amsterdam.



Ps: Look at this delicious hous! Big size! I wondered if I did not landed in Hanzel and grettel story (NH Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam)

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