Wouah 3 years! Time flies…

I am happy … 3 years  have passed since I started this adventure, sharing places, ideas, images, and keeping memories through these blog’s pages. Thank you for following me and my adventures…. see you soon for more ….à bientôt…. Bisous ! ( kisses ) Jessica   Just for you: My top 3 posts in 2016: Incredible : My favorite addresses in Amsterdam have recorded more … Continue reading Wouah 3 years! Time flies…

Who wants to visit Sri Lanka in Staten Island New York 

Great experience, culinary and esthetically. What an effort on the decoration, you feel you set your foot in another country, and so delicious and refined cuisine. You will find them in Staten Island ( once you exit the state island ferry (free and beautify boat ) just take a taxi 6 mn drive 9$ max) and here you are.         Lakruwana No 668,Bay Street, … Continue reading Who wants to visit Sri Lanka in Staten Island New York 

50 km 

This year’ich (6 June 2014/6August 2015 ) in numbers: Finally 50 km running ( not much but still!) 3 continents 1 TornM. 3 kids 1 dog More than 3 285 000 steps and some of them, made carrying or pushing! 7 transatlantic flights (both Ways always) 3 continental flights  1 transcontinental flights  In total 22 flights 4 trains ways  7 car rentals 2 burial ( lost my … Continue reading 50 km 

Parcs, garden in Paris France

So many green areas Paris, you would not imagine. One of the French particularity play grounds, places to wall around, for Kids to play. When you say, you have been brought up in Paris, people’s face turns mad, a big grin, and say: People: “oh I m so sorry”. It must be so hard. Meaning, no life and locked up in an apartment all year-long, the horrible flux … Continue reading Parcs, garden in Paris France

Wish list: traveling…. Are we up to something

I really need to come up with a good idea: For now, Here are the countries and places I want to travel to: List A: my dream free list, no boundaries, 1/Portland, Oregon, USA 2/Bresil 3/New Zealand 4/Australia 5/Hawaii, thanks to Jessica Doffelmeyer’s blog and pictures! 6/England, country side, sea-side, thanks to the people sharing pictures on twitters (Swines Meadow @rareplants, Alison level @papaver, Hardys … Continue reading Wish list: traveling…. Are we up to something