Wouah 3 years! Time flies…

I am happy … 3 years  have passed since I started this adventure, sharing places, ideas, images, and keeping memories through these blog’s pages. Thank you for following me and my adventures…. see you soon for more ….à bientôt…. Bisous ! ( kisses ) Jessica   Just for you: My top 3 posts in 2016: Incredible : My favorite addresses in Amsterdam have recorded more … Continue reading Wouah 3 years! Time flies…

Happy Sunday – Joyeux dimanche.

   Even nicer if you include music.  This is totally my State of mind! The weekly photo challenge matched completely my intended Sunday post!  Some inspiration: To play anywhere and in any circumstances ( pour jouer en toutes circonstances) With your drumkit  Check out Obilab innovation great sound and eco friendly ( made in EU, invented in Paris) Continue reading Happy Sunday – Joyeux dimanche.

Weekly photo challenge : seasons 

 This season challenge, 😋 weekly challenge falls perfectly. It s Very à propos. The seasons are mad, it snows and rains a minute later. We goes from -20 celcius degrees to +12 celcius degrees in 2 to 3 days laps… Oh, forgot to mention that I am in New York. However the crazy climate ( climate change is not adequate anymore, to eclectic) can apply … Continue reading Weekly photo challenge : seasons 

Careful : weekly photo challenge 

This post is a response to the weekly photo challenge that I neglected to much lately! Not careful enough ! Yesterday as I was walking in NY, I saw this touching scene! This very young little girl, 2 years old the most (I guess) and her grandma or great grandma? Crossing the street while pushing her “dolly carriage”! Made me think of my girls pushing … Continue reading Careful : weekly photo challenge 

Intricate : humour! Échelle ! Lader! NYC

A funny Way or walking buy: Funérarium and tall buildings, with un soupçon de chiens! (A slight sip of dogs!) Intricate!    Have a good week  More of intricate in New York: https://soparislux.com/2015/05/02/intricate-intriguing-word-nyc-reflection/ More of this challenge can be found: Intricate | The Daily Post https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/intricate/ Continue reading Intricate : humour! Échelle ! Lader! NYC