Weekly photo challenge : seasons 

 This season challenge, 😋 weekly challenge falls perfectly. It s Very à propos.

The seasons are mad, it snows and rains a minute later.

We goes from -20 celcius degrees to +12 celcius degrees in 2 to 3 days laps…

Oh, forgot to mention that I am in New York.

However the crazy climate ( climate change is not adequate anymore, to eclectic) can apply to all part of the word…

Keep being green as we can be, is one step in the right direction.

Adjust our mood to all changes and embrasse the weather changes is an other…. the sun is back lets have a walk outside… Oh snow, come one guys lets grabe our skies…no I m not skizophrene even if these 2 sentenses can be said the same day !

It is the seasons charivarie!

On a spiritual level my life feels wavy, I surfing on my envies carrying for my  obligations…and I am aiming Happy!

So let s get a mix of images to illustrate my idea and this nice challenge:
These pictures are without filters, taken the past 3 weeks in NEw York City or New York State, ( and a tiny foot in Adirondack montain) light, low temperatures, almost spring temperature, snow, jacket or not jacket…full skiing suit against shorts 3 days later! 
Embrasse the seasons, wishing you a great week…
À bientôt! 

4 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge : seasons 

    1. Indeed @karen 😉🌸
      The quote of David Bowie suits me well, it says something like “don t know what tomorrow is about but it certainly won t be boring”.
      Wishing you a good Friday

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