Life brings you surprises and presents when you believe in it.

Ev Bessar, is one of these priceless presents life grants you when you are not expecting them.

I met Ev, almost two years ago, at first I was striked by her presence, she is one of these persons that carries a warm energy around her. Calm, reserved and yet glowing. You can’t guess what lays behind her smile.

She is whole; she shares a story, transporting us on her dreams,  up to the sky.

Coming from Russia, she lives in New York since many years.  New York seems like the perfect settings to her creations. Bringing her Russian’s culture on a New Yorker canvas. Red bricks building and narrow streets full of light, sky scraper or steps to a Harlem dungeon, light and shadow.

She is the Firebird that inhabits her Fall/Winter 2016’s collection presented on 11 February 2016 at Gotham Hall, New York city, during the fashion week.

She is a talented clothing designer, working effortless with passion and eyes for details, to introduce us to her poetry and raw elegance transpiring throughout every pieces of her collection.

As a true Artist, she thinks and met en scène (stages) her clothes on runway, in photographic mise en scène,  staged performance embodied by talented dancers, or in film scenographic.

Talent can be recognized in many ways. The work and application is a hint, but beyond the visible, the energy and committment from the models, make up artist, talented hairdresser,  publicist, sponsor, friends and most of all fiancé shows more.

Ev Bessar is a name to remember and to look forward to In Haute couture  !

Inspiring is the right word. I always loved The  buzz surrounding creativity and passion. Just Add Fashion And fairytale, And it brings me wings.

Art is inspiring, it brings dream, it extracts you from your daily worries or from the faits divers (actuality miscellaneous hazards). It gives you energy, ideas, pushes your limits, opens your mind.

Ev Bessar’s new collection, and fashion show had all that, it was empowering, raw and elegant, avant-guardist and yet grounded.

Strength is an other, Womanity (my way of translating the french word féminité (womanly) and femme  (woman) together) ManhoodTexture (leather and wool, knitted, shiny, matt smooth), Creativity, Vision, True, fantasyStory, are others.

The day before her last Runway, I asked her if she always wanted to design clothes for Women and Men ? She looked at me surprised by the question, as if the answer was obvious “I never though separating one from another”. And it is for our pleasure as she enhance both Womanity, Manhood, enlightening each of them in their difference and diversity to create a harmony. Making woman and man complete each other and unique at the same time. Her knitting underlining the raw design of their body. The mix of texture carrying us from Elegance to fairy tale fantasy.

Words should sometimes keep quiet let  images tells Their store, letting us dream away.

Some images, some impression of the before, backstage and after.



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#fitting #model #evbessar #F

img_9274 img_9267





Caspar Peteus






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BAckstage Make up Runway Ev Bessarimg_0073




And To Ev Bessar, I say, Chapeau, Thank you and More… Please more…

To find Ev, or follow her , you’ll find her on instagram @EvBessar, or Ev Bessar, and on her facebook page.

P.S.: This post was very hard to write in English, Ev inspires me In french, as her vision And The precision used to express it, placed her in my mind right next to the most prestigious french designers de Haute couture.

Passion Elegance and Precision (understandable both in French and English, Purity and Modernity added to it and that is about it until new surprises).

Pictures by Jessica de Vreeze, Copyright. Feel free to Share my post or it’s image, Thanks for keeping The source. More could be found on Instagram @hopeje


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