Well well well, NYC and what about Men with great style !

Sometimes you cross someone in the street, in a restaurant, any place actually and you think!

“I love the coat she is wearing”, “great boots I wonder where she got them !”  “Oh that’s the perfect frame for our living room,  I’m dreaming of this mugs they are so cute…( you know the ones with make believe diamond ring In spite of Mugs’ handle).

Well, there is a difference between a human and its style, it’s charisma, and an object sitting on a store’s shelve!

Of course there is !

And the good thing about it, is that you can make your day and someone else day nicer, by reaching out to this person and saying: “Hi by the way your jacket is awesome” or “sorry to disturb you, hope you are not going to think I’m crazy but I love your style”, or “thank you for your smile it does make a better day for all”!

( True, how many times has your mood sunken, while entering a place and seeing your interlocutor in a pesty mood, with a mouth falling both side of his chin!

And in the contrary, how many time has your day taken a better shift once you spoke to a happy and smiling individual).

Hopefully you are not dressed in sports legging with an old sweater and dirty hairs attached in a bun on the top of your head! (Huge loss of credibility) Yes I have to admit it happened to me sometimes! But no old sweaters, I do not have any! They are all own by my best friends 😉 and I strongly remind her to discard them all  ( ok one for stormy weather or a painting job😋)…

So! My famous “So”! now you understand all the sense of “So”Parislux!

So, as I was waiting for the green light to cross the street, I realized that the man standing next to me, had a great vintage and yet contemporary and very NYC/Brooklyn style !

Quick thoughts:

– “hum… Should I speak and ask for a picture for my blog”…”humm… It’s a man, I do not want any ambiguity!”.

– “hum, Jessica that is how you face equality between Man and Woman! We are in the 21st century! We are civilized” ( you do seize my tone I am overwhelming …).


My legendary spontaneity prend Le dessus (pushes me) and in the glimpse I say :

“Hi my name is Jessica de Vreeze, and I have a blog called Soparislux, I think you have a great style and I would be very happy should you accept to pose for me?”

I added, “you are the first man I do stop, until now I had only asked women…” ( very true).

So here he is:

Style très soigné, refined and tasteful style!

And Great moustache!

Thank you for your time, your image and your good mood.

And for you reading me, I was not wearing sports leggings etc.. I banned them since I am in NYC unless I am really running…

If your curiosity pushes and you wish to see the women I have stopped, feel free to look around through my blog, and for your convenience see some under:

Vintage Style and tattooed 
Nordic black and modern art beauty
So pretty, I m dreaming of getting my hair done like that

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