Strong woman !  Many different ways to be strong.

If you lingered through my post, you might have crossed pictures of women with unique styles!

Unique, as it is part of their personality.

Strong as they stand up for who they are.

A pleasure for me, I’m always trilled to cross a woman that takes care of herself, and “wears it” naturally, making it seems effortless (even if it requires a certain dexterity and une coquetterie (coquetry) that doesn t exist without evident effort ( unless if your name is Cinderella and you have a magic god mother).

So for the little story: entering Bergdorf Goodman (5ft AV NYC) and heading to the 7th floor for the first time. 

As I pass and look around, I make a sudden stop and step back. 

My first thoughts: “this mannequin looks so real”, then I continue forward, but couldn’t stop stepping back again.

Popping my head, through a vintage section of the 7th floor, I stand and say “hi”.

Not a mannequin but a real lady, smiles and reply by a gentle Hi.

I couldn’t resist and asked for the permission to take a photograph and share with you.

A great thank you, and a big Bravo, for deciding to be who you are. 

Lucky us, it always brighten once day to pass by people who are themself with a touch of coquetry and fantasy to make our world a nicer place to be.

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Wordless Friday: NY, a beautiful girl with a great style  – so parislux !

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