Who wants to travel to remote and exciting destinations ?

With an expert photographer, that will introduce you to local life, journalistic life style, and a chance to perfect your photographic skills.

Please meet Bruce Byers and Camera Odysseys and their Worldwide Photographic Workshops.

“Our destinations are remote and exciting. But that’s not the only reason we’re fascinated with them. They’re also some of the most extraordinary places in the world – mysterious, romantic, exotic, and exquisitely beautiful.

We could say they’ve changed so little because they’re timeless to begin with. But the fact is, some of them will, for better and for worse, embrace the 21st century in the near future. That’s why it’s so special to us to document and share these fragile, anachronistic ways of life in unimaginable places while we still can. And we’d like to invite you to join us on these exciting adventures.

Our trips start the end of November 2018 and go to May of 2019 to Cuba.

We are developing other trips to Nepal into Bhutan, India and Morocco.

A century and a half ago photographers would spend years preparing expeditions to our remote destinations. We at Camera Odysseys are pleased to be able to visit them at will. That’s particularly exciting because, even though the trips are easier, our destinations are still much the same as they were when legendary pioneers of travel photography like Francis Firth, Samuel Bourne, Linnaeus Tripe and William Young visited them.”

Bruce Byers.

Contact them at

Camera Odysseys Photographic Workshops


165 East 72nd St . Studio 3H

New York, NY 10021

Cell. 917-992-1453



Let me know if you signed up…. Cuba definitely on my bucket list…

All photos of this post are taken by @brucebyers @cameraodysseys check them on Instagram,


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