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An Artist, What ?

Life, Love, Breath, Share, repeat... Art is everywhere, Enjoy.

What is Art ?

How does Art resonate in our world ?

Is it something purely egocentric ? Like the typical question : why do you want to study Art ? why do you want to be an Artist ? what is an artist doing ?

Just enjoying him/herself while others are doing some real work ?

Or just vow to be starving, ah this image of the Starving Artist.

Well Art is everywhere, it s in the tiniest things that surrounds you, hopefully…

Its the clothes you are wearing, your habitation, building, house, tent, furniture, the music you are listening, the steps you are taking, the image you are watching (still or moving) (unless it’s pure marketing ;-)), the food you are eating (carefully though and crafted by someone) (if you are eating out of cans or microwave plates everyday please you must change something in your life), words, written or spoken, gardens, sightseeing and much more it really depends on your perspective.

Art embellishes  you lives, without realizing.

You breath Art. It lift you up.

Who would want to live in a life with no Art. Art brings your imagination to the next level, it inspire, it refines it opens your eyes, your heart, your mind.

So thanks to all who want to study art or want to become an Artist. It is not the easiest path, so thanks to the Pygmalion, to the ones supporting artists everywhere, to grants or anything that can move away the limitations and everyday worries.

It is  not a safe path, nor an easy one and not everyone is aspiring to become an Artist anyway. But it’s a rich path. It more work than one can imagine. The final product comes often from a life commitment, from endless hours refining your ideas, trying, growing into it. It’s trying failing, to reach the far away star.

So remember : Support also the living Artist, visit museums, go to  the theater, pick up a book, listen to a song, cook a wonderful recipe or try an amazing restaurant, look at a movie, danse, walk in a park….breath the ocean air… Look up and around…respect our planet…


Sharing with you images and sound :


If you are in NYC, Portrait d’Atmosphere Volume 2 is still on at the Consulate General of Luxembourg in NYC. Send me a mail and I ll show you around.

For more informations visit

(Photography taken by me #Jessica de Vreeze @hopeje, not free of right ;-))

Here’s some sound :

Thank you David Bowie for being, we miss you and are so glad to keep you with us somehow. Oh you made me smile today.


To be discovered :

Elias Dris, Keep on making us Dream, Always see big…

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