So many green areas Paris, you would not imagine.
One of the French particularity play grounds, places to wall around, for Kids to play.

When you say, you have been brought up in Paris, people’s face turns mad, a big grin, and say:

    • People: “oh I m so sorry”. It must be so hard. Meaning, no life and locked up in an apartment all year-long, the horrible flux of car and a midst of pollution.
  •  Me:” for what?” And I reply, I have been so happy being brought up in Paris’ center of course! I had all I wanted, playgrounds, shops, museums, friends.  Incredible events to attend, fashion shows during fashion week, university etc… and when you need more wide spaces, you have plenty of possibility in a range of 10 mn to 70 mn drive. (Le Bois de Boulogne, Versailles, Rambouillet, Chantilly). The Beaches of Normandy at 2 hours of train, planes with 2 international airport.
  • Me: Don t grin at me!

So today I ll share some of the PARC, garden, playgrounds, so you can enjoy it, as any other Parisian.

It is great to walk around them. they have all this French Parisian atmosphere, but have all their specificity, as all neighbourhood are different.

They are more empty In the winter, as french people don’t stay too much out side in the cold. You can still enjoy them with a very good coat, gloves scarf and hat.

In general and particularly in the spring and the summer, you can linger in these park for hours, read a book, just sit or lay in the park. You’ll also in all of them find small Parisian café, and small trolley selling ice cream or beverage or “crêpe” french pancakes. (You might not find peaches, but surely croissant).


Le parc du Luxembourg,

in the center of the latin quarter, it has some lovely alleys bordered with trees, wide pound where kids can play with boats pushing them from one side to the other.

This parc border the french Senate, where laws are discussed and voted, and you can find as well bee farms. As it is in the middle of the latin quarter, it is central to most prestigious universities such as La Sorbonne or Panthéon Assas. You can often see groups of students either lingering around of discussing topics.

There is a quarter dedicated to pétanque, a french sport consisting on throwing heavy middle size steel balls as near as possible to the cochonnet a small wooden ball. This game is often played by elderly people. It has the popularity of bowling in France and you can play it anywhere.


Le champs de Mars

 an institution, at the foot of the Eiffel Tour, also called by the french, la dame de fer (meaning the iron lady, nothing to do with Margaret Thatcher). You’ll find every thing, first a beautiful view of Paris, just at the cross “road” of the  Trocadéro, the Eiffel Tower, the Invalide and the Ecole Militaire. Not forgetting you are couples of minutes away by foot from the Statue of Liberty, the Parc André Citroen, simply of la Seine.

You can decide to simply sit and relax on a bench, watching from right to left and up and down. Or lay on the grass and watch the sky. Play basket on a dedicated field near the école militaire, our bring your kids on a beautiful merry go round, made of wooden horses (small fee), still in the same state I new it when I was myself a child. You can also bring your kids to a playground with trains, or princess carriages (free of charge).

You have to keep in mind that Paris is a walkable city, you could be walking all day long and still enjoy new discoveries.


Le Jardin des Tuilleries

Just, by the Louvres, it holds arts expositions at le jeu de paume, children’s games of course, and its famous little boat pound, and at least once a year a beautiful funfair in the late spring.
Today, our dog is for the first time in Paris. That made us discover, the Tuillerie are not dog friendly, only allowed in certain area… But still so beautiful.



Le Jardin du Ranelagh, also called le Parc de la Muette.

is a lovely and simple parc, with a children theater, merry-go-round, to know more just have a look at my post:


These are my favorite green areas in Paris, knowing you have plenty more, among others, le Parc Monceau (17eme arrondissement), le bois de Boulogne, just by the 16 arrondissement de Paris, le Parc de St Cloud, le Jardin d’acclimatation and now just repoened le zoo de Vincennes.


More on Paris, through my eyes:

the following, hold some nice addresses:




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