Top 3 posts of first 2015 quarter, birthday, courage and music

Dear all,

Hope you are doing great today. As it is and should be.

Yesterday was Earth day, it’s spring, and today is Israel’s Independence day anniversary. When I was a teenager I did not understand the importance of Israel’s existence. Not always easy to understand. Now I surely do, and I take the opportunity to thank all who contributed in creating this state, and all who stood up to protect it.

Let’s hope the world madness will stop and that extremism will disapear. This first quarter of the year, has been hard, we can’t forget CHARLIE, BARDO, NIGERIA, YEMEN, BOSTON and much more.

But as I recently saw the video of this amazing woman showing us her strengh and determination, by running the Boston marathon with a leg prothesis only 6 months after receiving it, further to the loss of her own calf during the same boston marathon explosion in 2013; I say courage, hope and optimisme is what really rule the world.

Now, that I have completly gone out of the subject of my post: the top 3 post of 2015’s first quarter:

Amsterdam, one of my favorite cities.
Steven Meisel, Free exhibition, New York City
Beaune, France, La terre d’or and Jurga Martin

A perfect mix of art and foreign atmospheres.

Happy you like me grasping and seizing moment to share with you.

For those soon travelling or planning on exploring New York, I am currently writing a post with good tips and great addresses to share with you.

In the meantimes I wish you all a good day. Let me deep mentally my foot in the french riviera’s sea:

french riviera - ste maxime

If you are in the mood for some music and dive in the mediteraan’s sea glamour I have Riviera radio to keep me alive, love their selection of music, you can listen to it on line and live.

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