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Beaune, France, La terre d’or and Jurga Martin


Is the first word that comes through my mind,
when I thing of the city discovered by night.

When I think of the “chambre d’hôte” bed and breakfast, his host, very attentive and friendly, its location up the hill in the country side 2 km away from the City center.

When I think of the other inhabitant of the chambre d’hôte, an unexpected and truly charming discovery! A myriade of sculptures and painting of Jurga Martin, as if you enter an art gallery, a fantasy place, a place where childhood last among deep dreams, a great discovery, pulling the stay to a true gift, as you not only share a place but an atmosphere an art journey enriching us!
Thus the host made us an additional “gift” touring us through there amazing basement. Une grotte, (a cave) half natural, half constructed through 20 years of hard work. A magical worl, where wine, bats, a jacuzzi, and the amazing world of Mrs Jurga Martins cohabits with grace and eerie.

When I think of a delicious restaurant, le Counti with adorable personnel,

When I think of the Saturday morning market in Beaune center, with smiling people, despite the gray weather, the cold and the lack of affluence, happy to make you taste their terroir products!

We’ll be coming back before spring to taste wine, sirop, cheese, walk around nature discover art and craft castle…
Toute une adventure
In the meantime here s a snapshot of this journey

Beaune by night




The chambre d hôte and the sculptures








Nota bene:

Dogs are welcome, in Beaune everywhere we stayed. ( restaurants etc…)
A little anecdote: as we were walking around the town after diner, we see on the street, a dog and his master, we have just crossed 2 days before on the Harbor of St Tropez.
The world is really small, and yet, Beaune, st Romain, or Macon, are the best “étape” ( stops) you can make when you are driving from south of France to the north. It’s at a reasonable distance ( 5/6 hours driving range from south) and really a pleasant way to continue your holidays and make new discoveries.

Le conty:
+33 3 80 22 63 94 rue Ziem beaune


( we tried another for lunch the day before, not even a comparison as the one mentioned was much nice.)

The sculptor/the artist:
She makes her world alive!



4 comments on “Beaune, France, La terre d’or and Jurga Martin

  1. Such a fabulous place. I adore those sculptures hidden in corners. Thanks for sharing!

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