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A Photographer An Artist ?

Enter into an art experience. Discover the work of 17 talented Artists curated to make you live an unforgettable experience. FRAMEmotion Miami 2018-2019. Opening around Love at the Sagamore 14 February 2019.

Thoughts and invitation to an Art opening

I often call myself an “artist” and then say “I use photography as my medium of expression”.

I should just be proud and say I am a “photographer” = an “artist”. As I use my photography to translate what’s inside my soul, to bring a message, to convey a feeling an intention a message to the viewer.

Yes, now with accessible and fast photography, people often think they can do as well as a photographer, and yes some of them definitly can.

“And that’s why it will always be the same person a group of friend will ask to take the shots during parties or else, and that’s why often people still hire photographer to engrave their memories.” (joke aside)

But more than that, being a photographer is creating with light, sharing your version of the world with others, daring reveal your soul to the model in front of you, or mirror your vision of the world in a street portrait.

Being a photographer is crafting images, it’s using your technical knowledge acquired with time and effort, it’s searching for what would be the perfect photo to share with others, the one deserving to be printed. It’s deciding to create a serie to bring people somewhere. It’s taking the time to go back through your photo and decide to work more on one or the other, to unveil it’s true potential, or just trash it, or just select the perfect one that won’t need any work on it. It is so much more than pressing a button. If it is people photography whether you meet someone on the street and decide to engage a discussion and ask them to pose for you, or just decide to grasp the moment it is your engagement toward an other being, it takes from you and from them. Or if you have a planed photo shoot, it is the creation of an atmosphere, again your decisions and the response of the person in front of you plus all the technical aspect of photography (light, calculation, aperture, iso, shutter speed) that will create the perfect portrait or scene).

And for those who wonder and still bring the up the fact that a photography can be reproduce many time, and therefore say that it should be priced below the price of an “original art” such as a painting a sculpture etc, I say no, it’s not an argument. A painting can be reproduced and is often scanned and printed to be sold as a post card and a poster, tell me who doesn’t have at least a post card or a poster of a known painter in their home.

So yes, I think photography is an art of it’s own and a photographer is an artist, as much as a painter a cartoonist, a sculptor, a tattoo artist, a musician, a singer, an actor, a cook, a stand up comedian and the list goes on. It is a way to create and to share from the existing from the world around us, to enhance its beauty and share passion and feelings.

So further to sharing this though, I m pleased to share with you my new exhibition within the art experience “Frame” curated and headed by Bertrand Scholler director of the parisien gallery “55BelleChasse”, France, and curated in a museum style developed by Maria Diaz Rey and presented until 31 March 2019 at the Sagamore Hotel, a hotel in the tradition of Art in Miami since 1940. Under the supersision of Sebastien Laboureau, resident art and Music advisor at the Sagamore hotel.

As all other artists, it’s a life commitment, so remember to invest in Artists, as they give to the world around them including you.

Come and discover my work at the Sagamore hotel along the side of other very talented artists.

I will pleased sharing it with you on 14 February 2019, from 6.30 pm – 9.30 pm in an opening evening organized by Frame experience


The Sagamore Hotel

1671 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach, Florida 33139

United States

Be touched, love and be loved, get on a journey with Art and say yes to a new set of emotions.

again an infinite thanks to Petro Kitsul @ph_Kitsul_lifestyle for taking my portrait. The Photographer needed to be well photographed.

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