Giving Receiving ! being ! Human

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A little Pre Scriptum : I m a woman so, it goes back to us, but this is really meant for anyone to read, think share and reflect. Men, Women Human.

Being true to oneself is natural but also hard, we live in a material world 🌎 and even if you love to give others, you have to accept receiving, unless you ll not survive … does it make sens …
The second though I had to share today is : a key to happiness is giving without expecting to receive back.In the Jewish tradition it is a gift to the giver, to be able to give. In everyday life you should keep a little as well not to put yourself in a difficult situation. This is just part of my shared reflection! I act from the heart ❤️ and never question myself when my intention brings me to give. My mother laughs and says I have a big ❤️… she does to in a much better organized way.
This brings me back to reflection one… 
And then it brings me to reflection number 3: I m a woman and a mother ! It is inherent to my nature to give and nurture. Yet to be able to give on a long term you need to give and nurture yourself first ! This is a lesson you learn with Time when you took so much care of others that you can’t stand on your 2 feet! That is the advice I give to all new mothers ! Learn to take time for yourselves! If by the end of the day you are still in pajamas or jogging ! Even if your 👶🏻 gives you the best smile 😃 that mean you forgot this cardinal rule and as I did you ll be close to a burnout soon! Easy to say 14 years after having my first baby and 8 years after having my last ! But well ! This is my gift to you for Mother’s Day ! NO GUILT in taking care of yourself first ( after you secured your baby / your child, in his bed or other place ! ) that way you ll better take care of everyone after ! Ps : of course I passed through the jogging phase …. try to get helped by someone else than your husband ! Or just let go 30 mn per day to take care of yourself first.Funny how my giving / receiving reflection went to motherhood and being a woman!Well I might have side tracked or stayed on track as Mother’s Day is this weekend in the USA and the Netherlands and other countries ?So happy Mother’s Day to you out there ? To your mothers or your wife’s.

There are so many ways to be ! So many ways to give ! 
As I always say…. “it always starts with a smile” so simple to give and it can accomplish miracles ! Love Jess 
📷 by @sofi_rromero of @jessicadevreeze 

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PS: By the way, I know it is one of the hardest thing to do, SELF CARE, at least for me it is.

Happy mothers day …

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2 comments on “Giving Receiving ! being ! Human

  1. I loved it. Time for yourself first in order to be prepared to give. There’s a beautiful Buddhist reflection that out stands the importance of self-care before sharing with the rest of the world, it remind me of that.

    • thank you Karla, for sharing with us all. It s a reflection based on life, from my side. The key is balance…. in any ways…acceptance versus fustrations and hope

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