I have decided to publish in one post a couple of post published by me on IG and FB. Today we are 26 April 2021. On 21 April 2021 my sister called me from LA and ask me if I heard about Sarah’s Halimi and the French Cour de Cassation decision (Supreme Court). She asks me if I will join Miami’s march. Time flashes in front of me, images, horrific actions. No I had not heard, I’m remembering 2017, 2015 … my own up bringing in Paris, France. My name is also Sarah.

On April 8 2021 was the Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah) 2021.

And yet beyond people remembering and saying never again, history repeats itself, it’s more subtle it s not as horrific as the 2nd world war, it takes new ways, new faces, yet endlessly repeating itself, targeting small amount of people one at a time or few at a time, to lower the risk of act of retaliations. But one person is already too many.

Thankfully on 20 April 2021 in the USA the Jury found Dereck Chauvin guilty of George Floyd’s murder, guilty on all counts.

Justice is so important, it’s one of the values we can rely on for a good society and “somehow’ go through the pain caused by these unacceptable actions. In these cases: Murder, 2 completely different circumstances, 2 completely different people, same result, Death, loss, grief, injustice. I am not comparing George Floyd and Sarah Halimi. I am speaking of both of them as they both died in none speakable circumstances and they both had the circumstances of their death examined by Justice in 2 Countries where Justice and human rights have been defended and placed high on the pyramid of values while these countries were building their foundations. We expect a lot from France and from the USA. We expect a lot from the world, these 2 have worked hand in hand and we can find in both the statue of Liberty. And these 2 happens to be my countries.

Remember why we are judging these cases this people, the victims should not have died. Not in these 2 countries not in any countries. We have to stand together to make sure love conquers any types of hate. I can’t believe that not only we have to witness such barbarism but we also need to fight to make sure justice is fair. This should be a given.

Published this past days:

On 14 April 2021 the french Cour de Cassation render an unacceptable decision as the decisions taken by the 2 instances prior to this judgement.

If you have not heard of it, look for it. In 2017, In Paris France, this woman of 65 years old have been beaten up and tortures by a man Kobili Traoré, (I wish I would not say his name he doesn’t deserve it) and thrown out of the window because she was jewish, the French judges have decided that the 27 years old man was not guilty as under cannabis influence! This is not justice! For the details just type her name. It was recognized by all as an antisemitic murder. This is the fact. This is one more antisemitic act pushed under the rug. Read about it and support Justice.

World wide people have protested this Sunday 25 April 2021, for justice.

Miami, Aventura, 25 April 2021 Standing for Sarah

Sunday we gathered and stood together everywhere we were in the world for Justice.

Sunday we said that the judgement given by the french supreme court “Cour de Cassation” was unacceptable.

Sunday we said no to antisemitism, no to racism, no to hate, we said Let the light shine through the darkness, let’s love conquer, let’s unite together for a better world, where caring for others means as much as caring for yourself.

Sunday we said that we need a Justice that is fair and serves all humans.

Thank you to all for standing up with jews, because it’s not only about jews, it’s about human values, about humanity. It’s because if you care for anyone you’ll care for everyone.

A great thanks to all who came in person, for all who shared this story that should be known by all, please keep sharing, you need to be human and use your voice or devises to spread the word far, As #neveragain relays to today, yesterday, in 2017, in 2015, in 1940-45, during the antiquity, it should not apply to TOMORROW.

Thank you. #notohate #notoantisemitisme #notoracism #yestojustice #justiceforsarahhalimi #jesuissarah #IAMSARAH #justicepoursarahhalimi #spreadtheword #standingtogether #together #photography #preserve#sarahhalimi

On 11 April 2021 I had chosen to share this:

Have you heard of the Leica Freedom train? Every day of our lives we face choices to be made. As far as we can go in history, people made choices, these decisions as all our actions have repercussions on others. This famous « butterfly effect »!


Some people have good soul but can not step up to do what s right, can we blame them? Or should we just accept them for who they are, With the good and the bad, knowing their limits and acting accordingly. After all if they go to their limits it’s already a good thing, they try and tried their best. And one day they will be inspired and find the courage to step up further and be part of the « Just ».

Some people are « bad » or should I say « act bad », have not learned otherwise, or cannot overcome their darkness, and I wish we would have a magic wand 🪄 to just intervert the bad into good, but life is not that easy, nor that simple. Most of the time these people also take too much of our attention! Not cool!

Some people like Ernest Leitz and many others, did act and stepped up to do what was right, to them and for others. Somehow the « Just » are always humble, and fewer. But they exist, everyday all through history you had and have courageous people who questioned what was said and happening, stood up for others, and stood up for what was right.

Today when I received this article on Ernest Leitz, I found the words to express myself. As often when least expected we can be in a situation where it feels so good to know that these Just, these Fair and courageous people exist and have your back.

Life is complex, and today I want to celebrate courage, good values, kindness, and all these people who just step up for others because it is normal to them, because acting differently would not work for them. I want to celebrate and invite attention on good.

Inspire all to find the courage to step up to others and for others.


It is essential that each of us, everyday, act remembering what NEVER AGAIN means. Together we can and we will make a difference.

Together we will make love prevail.

Thank you for your time reading this, feel free to share some of it, or all of it. Feel free to share Sarah Halimi’s “ending”, to give a sense to: never again!

George Floyd’s tragic “ending” was put under the light, as people reported the facts, people stood up for him.

We need people to stand for each other hoping that one day the only thing we will have to share is happy facts. Thinking that I am looking for utopia, its ok, better give ourselves a higher target than settling for less.

Pictures taken at the Miami gathering were taken by me, the rest have been taken by other people or are print screen, I have left the names to credit them.

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  1. Caroline C.

    bravo ma cherie! ❤

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