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Confinement time, without cabin Fever.

Sharing tips and schedules' schedules for homeschool kids, and life in self confinement. xoxo @hopeje #jessicadevreeze

Hi, We are all going through extraordinary times and measures.

Most of us got lucky not to know any similar situations so far.

We are now applying self quarantine, our household hold 2 adults 3 children (9.12.15 years old ) and a 6 year old dog.

My husband and I are lucky to be able to work remotely from our home.

We now have 3 homeschooled children and a dog to walk while no human within reasonable distance.

Sunday I had prepared a very flexible schedule for the kids and me… Monday we started the day by setting up homework stations etc, and start the homeschooling and working from home process. It was hectic day but we had most of the important things done. Monday night I decided to write down a better structured one and some ideas and menus ( menus both to use well what we have at home and not to think too much 3 times a day at what to prepare).

All is flexible and I intend to use these as ” somewhat” souple guidelines, but I saw that it really helps my 9 years old and 12 years old to have better guide lines.

For the menus, it is also flexible for example today, I did not have time to prepare rice ( times flies when you are on all deck) instead I kept the ingredient of the salad, replaced tuna by turkey bacon and some left over of meat ( as they were about to expire) and used spring rolls skins. Turned out great, our son ended up eating the spinach and some fruits he would not have touched otherwise.

So feel free to use and share the below ideas, adapt the structure of the schedule to the amount of work your kid have, and the activities to your liking….

I ll post more soon, feel free to comment and ask.

Sending you love,

Be safe

xoxo @hopeje Jess.

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