Thank you Albergo Baita Cretaz



I though, again and again, should I be selfish, and not share this wonderful mini paradise With you?

7 rooms in the middle of ski’s slopes.
Using Moto-snow to get there, or skis 🙂 but trust me you wouldn’t want to miss the snow-Moto especially for the luggage or getting up there after a stroll in Cervinia. (2050 meter high)

A delicious restaurant, well known in the region and abroard.

A perfect nest on a blue slope, for you as a single, couple or like us family with 3 young children!

How easy, you just put on and off your skis, no carrying around etc.

It has a homey feeling, Marco and his wife Iryna made of this hotel and restaurant a place we want to stay and come back to. ( third time for us, thanks to Ari& her beloved, who took us first here). Herman to make sure we have everything we need, and Victor at the stove!!!
Thanks to the team, without forgetting the rest of the staff, who always brings up a smile and great service.

Difficult but needed, I would not deprive you of the opportunity to spend a wonderful resourcing holiday here… Hopefully we’ll always have one of the 7 rooms for us to enjoy!

As they say, nice food, rest, sport, amazing view and a little nest making you feel you are alone in the middle of nowhere ( being still only 3mn walk Down from Cervinia city center and 1 mn in snow- Moto).

Here’s the web site of the hotel

And some picture:
Please note that the picture where taken this week ( April 2014) and there is still plenty of snow to ski all day 🙂

( view of, and from the hotel)







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