Yummy yummy, First quarter’s wrap : January – March 2014


I just got this idea, from the wandering cows. Nice to do a monthly wrap and remember or review post.

Theirs: Monthly Wrap : March 2014

I though I’d do a quarter’s wrap!

Love the word wrap… It’s yummy.

So here’s my 5 most viewed post:

Help yourself, in a piece of my world.

Starting with the most viewed  and in decreasing order:

Amsterdam, one of my favorite cities. | parislux

Chez Serge: Luxembourg previously peché mignon or déclic! Weekly photo challenge : Perspective | parislux

How to make a suitcase | parislux

Solitary bees’ future nest : Weekly Photo Challenge : Perspective | parislux

Beaune, France, La terre d’or and Jurga Martin | parislux

To complete my horizon, you can have a look at my sister’s blog:


Don’t let her French writing scares you, she shares in each post nice music and great images!

To finish:

Here’s a picture of the mountain wolf, one of the beautiful and sweet dog of the Chalet Etoile de plan Maison Cervinia Italy. Would then be a Mountain dog. The passion cheese cake* in the above picture was also served in the Chalet Etoile. Miam Miam ( yummy yummy in French).
Cf: Mountain wolf or Mountain dog. Wordless Friday | parislux


Picture taken by my “Torn”, husband, for Parislux, my phone was too far away….

Thanks for following me, coming by, and feel free to pass by anytime, you are more than welcome.

Thanks to you all, wishing you a great evening…

Jessica alias Hopeje, always looking forward and wishing for the best to come.

* can’t eat a cheese cake without thinking of our Danish chef and his English naïade. I can’t contest, his is always the best 😉

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