Weekly photo challenge: Monument. Genova, Castle Albertis, Christophe Columbus, Christophe Colomb



Unanimously, we all loves it. Full of surprises, behind every door, in every room, terrass, corridor.

We all loved it! We were all interested. No dull moments. I have never seen my family so unanimously interested by a place museum, or whatever ( apart a Disney movie ;-))

We were first passing by “accidentally” And decided to have a closer look…

The place just took us in, the Castel Albertis in Genova, Italy is beautiful for his architecture, but also for what he hold!
Thus he host divers exhibition, including an interactive exhibition on immigration! Great for our “melted” pot family :-).

Here’s some more info on that very special place.

Here’s some pictures:



Theses two pictures represent a young Christophe Columbus. He was from Genova! You ca. Find this statue on the upper terrace of the Castle watching the port and the sea. He seems at his place and alive !!!



One of the interactive part of the exhibition, this one on the immigration theme. You were invited to add your woolen string to the canvas.







I could share more views but, I’ll stop for now, and maybe share some more later…
Until then, dreams are open…

More of This challenge:

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2 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Monument. Genova, Castle Albertis, Christophe Columbus, Christophe Colomb

    1. I hope you will. It is indeed all you need to enjoy and get resourced. We were in better shape living than when we arrived. And we had great days away of worries of every day life And together.

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