Weekly challenge : Masterpiece

Some weeks ago an herbalist congress Was held in Boston, USA.

Teachers and Director of the École Lyonnaise des plantes médicinales et du savoir naturel, from Lyon, France, Where there! Representing the French knowledge as French herbalist ! Tough in France, as this profession is not recognized since 1941.

One of their great discovery was this flowers/ botanical glass collection in the Harvard nature museum.

The love and passion of a man for flowers and botanic, made his wealth to the service of sharing!

A vision of nature, a way to clearly represent the infinitely small, all details of flowers! Using glass to represent each small details. And make clear and easy to see what you usually see through a botanical magnifier.


This work of details and savoir faire ( know how) is the one of 2 men, 2 artists, father and son Leopold and Rudolph Blaschka. Their life time work.

Do have a look here under, or go and visit. It is amazing, incredible to see this fine work, and so many small details.


Pictures are to be seen on the museum web site

More of this challenge, with pictures this time :Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

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