A glimpse on Paris, France…

Paris, has this incredible charming powers, as a Magicienne or a witch.
Even if not in the mood, yes it happens, even in Paris…she manages to make you fall in Love with her again, and get a smile on your face!

You ll always find a thing to see, a new place to discover, her atmosphere is unique.

Paris is Paris!

For new comers… Try to visit her out of August, as she is quite empty of Parisian, and very quiet,

In the other hand if you are afraid of too many people come then and you ll have Paris for yourself!

Sneak peak on Paris Trocadéro on the 14 of July 2013, ( fete national) look at the crowd waiting for the fireworks…


And now the Trocadéro, from under just before the bridge crossing towards the Eiffel Tower, in August


20130805-224259.jpg A reunion of around 20 Triumph for a picnic at Trocadéro ?

And now a sneak pick at Paris Plage, between Chatelet and Hotel de Ville.



Note that if you pass by Paris restaurant bars, and funny things to see playground art has been installed for the summer on the Seine’s sides from quai branly (metro Bir hakem) until L Assemblee nationale ( the beginning of the Latin quarter).

And a sneak pick on the hotel de Ville and surroundings… One of the best neighborhood to go out for a drink, a restaurant or shopping, especially if Paris is “empty”. You ll always find ambiance and good French food and wine there. From hotel de Ville ( the main city hall) ( you also often have nice free art exposition in the city hall, and a lot of contemporain art gallery in the area to the Marais metro St. Paul. Please note that it is part of the gay area, also very bourgeois boheme and one of the Jewish quarter ( meaning some of he places will be closed from Friday evening till Saturday evening but opened on Sunday around metro St. Paul).





You start to know how I love ice cream! Discovered this place! So yummy! And they have Belgian waffles to fall for!
And for those with dairy products intolerance or allergy, go for there cacao sorbet or any kind of sorbet! My favorite passion fruit…

Enjoy the summer and see you later…else where on the globe!

PS: please note that all has been done with children under 9 years old, and is stroller proof and approved!

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