Fresh: Fifty licks ice cream: Portland, USA, Almost a weekly photo challenge

Fresh, and I immediately think about my little cousin ( almost same age, but just in degree,through aunt’s cousin).

He is following his own path, and I like it!

When we were 15 years old he had already a clear idea of what he wanted to become. And it was quite uncommon.

It changes from, the answers you commonly get, ( especially when your smaller 7,8,9…) ” I want to become a doctor, a nurse, a fireman, a doctor, an astronomer, an actor ….” And I have nothing against it.

But his answer, was uncommon, and very interpellant ( in a good way, and at least for me).

It changed in the meantime, but still uncommon and nice! He his an ice maker.

I could also call it a dream maker!

A poet, an artist, a happiness maker, yes I love ice cream…

When I saw the “fresh” challenge, it took me less then a second to think about him and his ice creams!

So if you happen to pass by Portland, pass by his shop and just ask him what was his previous vocation !

I guess by now you must be wondering what was his previous idea or just in the mood fir an ice cream. So go on, And say hi to him from his little cousin living in Luxembourg.

Fifty Licks Ice cream
4262 SE Belmont street Portland Oregon

As I said it’s almost a weekly photo challenge, as it s missing a picture…
But feel free to post one in the comment…Maybe of a visit there!

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