Monday’s Mood Board ! 

Thoughts: 1: step by step  2: I need to get on a detox and try some abs  3: or if I dare the cold : 🏃  4: looking forward to my “Bowie“‘s bag. By JennijaneParis ( photo credit @jennijaneparis for the bag) 5: wishing you all a great start of the day. Open your eyes and catch your lucky ⭐️  Xoxo  Jess  All pictures taken … Continue reading Monday’s Mood Board ! 

November in some pictures and links 

               Never forget, the victims of November in Paris, of Beyrouth, Israel, world wide… To  many….          Mode/fashion /art/ innovation : A special bravo to Jennijane  as she has lanches her e-shop on November 8, 2015. More than a clutch, she has created a piece of atmosphere and “une pièce à avoir Dans sa grade-robe” a  accessory … Continue reading November in some pictures and links 

Blog I Like and recommend

  Written In French/ Ecrit en français: Jennijane   Un blog plein de belles images verbales et graphiques, des tranches de vie, de voyage et de musique; Je lance ta boite  Un blog très dynamique, sur les strart up, tout en finesse et avec une pointe d’humour 2. Written in English / Ecrit en Anglais: For tips on Vienna: Sushi and strudel I … Continue reading Blog I Like and recommend