“My phone and me”, we love to grasp moments, emotions, sometime it’s blurry, sometime it’s usual, but it is. It cease time for a fragile instant.

When I read about this challenge, I first thought of the colors of flowers in the early spring, at the Bleu sky.

When I looked around I saw only snow, as it invaded us again. Sun was there today, and I thought colors.

I decided to look for colors through the snow around my house.

Mysterious alchemy on that White Sea.

Turning around, the sun draw a “fishy” tree on a house across the street.

Color again rising from the night embracing the city.

Thank you for letting us search and share beyond the invisible!

North and East of France are under heavy snow, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands, a part of Germany, Danmark are also under heavy snow.

Cars and their occupants are blocked on roads, flights cancelled.

Away from this last winter weather fantasy (hopefully), I try to remember the beauty of snow…at it’s right place.

This picture has been taken by me in February at la Tzoumaz, Switzerland.


Or the kingdom of changing and challenging weather.

Last week and last week-end, sky was bleu, bye-bye coats and hats, and today 6 inches of snow.

Hello winter my old friend, I wish you were not here again…

Time to pass to spring and hear all birds and bees again…

In the meantime, Acconitum napellus 9ch, homeopathic remedy to soften brutal changes of weather on the body. At least that’s what I do for my family.

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Ce titre, j’en fais mon mantra pour les prochains quelques mois, (bonne coïncidence avec l’endroit d’où j’écris ce post).

Ma moitié séfarade m’ordonne de ne surtout jamais dire que tout va bien et que je suis heureuse! Oh, malheur! Surtout tout de suite dire “blaynara” (contre le mauvais oeil) pour conjurer la bonne nouvelle lancée spontanément dans la conversation. C’est pénible!   A la question: “et tes enfants ça va?” ma fidèle réponse: “ça va”, réponse neutre qui ne peut à priori pas engendrer de catastrophes imminentes. Me voilà casée dans la catégorie des mamans poules sur-stressées. Bon j’assume. Ce qui m’amène donc à parler de la maternité et de l’isolement que l’on peut ressentir dans cette période particulière de joie et de désarroi. Et oui c’est possible de combiner les deux, enfin pour moi. D’où le titre, d’où la volonté d’en faire mon mantra, d’où le blog en fait. Une…

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Round 1:

When: 12 years ago: around 8 a.m.

Where: meeting at the train station in Paris Going to south of France for a week, to prepare university end of year exams.

With: my sister a friend of her (boy) and a girl, friend of mine.

The girl (5 feet 2 tall/ 1m60) coming at the train station, brought by her mom, with “the suitcase” 4 feet high and 2 feet 6 inches large (1m de haut/80 cm de large).

Us 3 in chock. We all knew that the car waiting for us at our arrival in the south will be very small (a twingo, renault)

The girl says hi, and meet the boy for the first time. Next minute, she was asking the boy to carry the suitcase for her. The boy, in a very gentleman attitude executed himself to this challenging task.

Life, Love and reason: the boy somehow fell in love with that girl and ended up dating her for a couple of months a year after this trip….

Round 2:

When: 4years ago  (afternoon)

Where: Schipol Airport Amsterdam (NL) going to New York city (USA)

With: my husband our first child 4 years old or second one and a half years old and me.

With: 3 luggages,  and hand bags oups, we forgot our strollers at home!

Arriving at the airport, we split in two group, the kids the luggage and me. Kids are still awake. My husband go and get cart to carry or luggages.

Oups, we didn’t think about the efforts needed to succeed in this simple task. Kids still awake, it’s ok, and goes smoothly.

Time passes we land in New york, kids asleep the challenge starts, customs etc, than getting the luggages, carrying the sleeping kids and documents passing customs. Then thank G., in New york you have bell mans. It’s worth it, just the time to fine one.

Question: how are we going to do in the way back, no bell man in Amsterdam and kids asleep…one thing at a time…

After carrying luggages  and asleep kids at the same time, we went to the conclusion, that we could not travel with more than 2 suitcases, unless we found a way to multiply our numbers of arms.

As soon as we arrived we bought two strollers, but still challenging to push strollers carry luggages or push a cart at the same time.

At this moment you discover that you are stronger than you think, and can find a way to push 2 strollers at the same time, but at what price. I bet we would not have won a beauty contest after that. Maybe found a new tanning process though.

Round 3:

When: 24 December 2012

Where: From Luxembourg (11 am) to London (afternoon) to New york (5 pm NY time/ 11 pm Lux time).

With: husband 3 children (7, 5 and 2 years old) and me

With: 3 suitcases (Originally we had 2 suitcases an extra bag in case the airline would fine one of the suitcase to heavy, which I did at the counter at the airport in lux) and 5 (small) back packs (one each, at least though one each, ended up to be 5 carried by one)

And oups again: Forgot the double stroller.

Transfer in London a real challenge, 1 hour and a half of walking dow corridors, passing customs taking transfer bus and train. Carrying bags and kids, taking of 5 pairs of shoes again and again through customs, getting documents out…

A note for later, never take a transfer through London anymore.

Finally in board direction NYC. Kids not sleeping. 2 of them finally falling asleep 30 mn before landing.

Humm, how are we going to do, carrying 5 hand luggages (4 of them filled with toys, doudou and children’s books) and 2 kids and holding hands to our tired eldest.  A nice lady, proposes out of pity to push one of our hand suitcase. we managed

New conclusion: only one hand luggage and don’t forget the stroller!

Luckily, the airline lost 2 of our suitcases, brought back at the hotel 2 days later. Only happy customer at the lost baggage counter.

Who would have though that you could not find a stroller to buy in NYC on 24/25 December.

Now, carrying our last child around NY for more than one day, back pain, tired arms, and smiling face how nice to be carried around.

I think we must have been the only 2 adults loosing 4.4 pound / 2 kg in 2 days in the states.

Priority first thing on 26 December : buy 2 new strollers.

It was our 3rd stroller “forgetness”..and I hope our last.

First time the girl meet the bog

Who would have though that it was an art.

I once met a Latvian girl who was a master at it.
She had the smallest, and most efficient suitcase, tailed to suit all circumstances.
She just pulled out from her closet what was matching and putting her into her advantage. Not more than what was needed.
Only matching sets, prepared in advance.

Really changes from my Parisian girlfriends suitcases that where bigger than them, embarrassing to pull and carry around, and for what result: being all sweaty, exhausted and needing 2 days recoveries of the effort just made.

I used to be right in the middle, a bit to much still, but improving every time.

I will post example of “standard” packing list, for one, for two for more, including children.

Example for a week holidays : ( reasonable suitcase)

To adapt depending on the weather:

For a woman:

1 dress casual chic for the evening
1 skirt ( evening matching ex: black)
I day dress
1 short ( preferably one that could be worn day/ night ex: with tights)
1 long pants or Jean
1 long sleeve top
2 evening like tops
2 tee-shirt
2 sleeves less tee-shirts
One jacket ( vest)
One cardigan ( can be worn open or closed)
One shawl or light scarf
2 swimming suits
1 pareo ( if summer)
Night wear
1 pair of sandals or sports shoes or tong
1 pair of high heals shoes
If cold weather hat gloves boots.

1 toilet bag with ( tooth brush, tooth paste, brush, (soap, shampoo, cream, if not at your holiday place)) ( hotels will generally provide vanity sets etc)
Your make up
Your perfumes or samples
1 pack of Kleenex
Your papers ( id)
Your money ( cards)
Phone and accessories
Some accessories belt earrings etc
Small hand bag for the evening
Small empty bag for laundry or if you buy things to bring home.

For my Latvian friend:
Her suitcase for a week:

1 shirt
1 short
1 long pants
4 tops
I cardigan or sweater
1 jacket
1 sport shoe
1 high heals
Accessories ( watch earrings necklace, ring)
Swimming suit.
A shawl
Toilet bag.

Believe it : it’s enough and. She always looked fresh ( she washed some of her cloth the evening to dry for the next day).

For a man:

2 pants ( one casual one chic)
1 or 2 short or Bermuda ( if summer)
If winter one sport pants
2 polo
5 tee-shirts
3 shirts at least depending on your going out program
1 jacket
2 sweaters
1 pair of sport shoes
1 casual chic pair of shoes
I or 2 swimming trousers
Toilet bag
Papers money etc

I m a French-American girl from Paris, France.

Visiting the US, New york, Miami each year for a couple of weeks.
Always liked the energy of these cities, of these two countries, each full of genuine way of life and freedom.

Who would have though I would move to Luxembourg, and “find/lose/find” myself here.

For the moment“,  that’s the key in Luxembourg: always think you’ll soon move somewhere else!                                         Even if a good friend of mine said one day “Live every day as if it was the last place you will live in” but somehow I can’t resist of thinking of other places to be and to go.

I came as a young adult (22 years old), with a very parisian life and energy. Met the love of my life, made 3 children and travelled…so much…

One of the things I like the most in life, is traveling, discovering life, architecture, customs, people, places and the poetry and energy of life.

As Luxembourg is in the middle of Europe, we have kept on moving, at the beginning 4 week-end out of 5, then a bit less as we got more logistic. But as we can’t stand still more than a month, I will share with you my discoveries.

Places, peoples, atmosphere, dreams.