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Albertina, Vienna, Austria, Maurice de Vlamick, les Fauves, the wild beast

Lucky me, invited to Vienna by my husband! Sometimes, life get so much a hold on you, that you just can see further. You life the present the best you can, it goes so fast that you just try to face and keep up. No time to need or want something, you just don t have time to think. The only thing you long for is some quietness !

I do Love traveling, and traveling is my/our life, but for that time I was not longing deliberately to leave home. Unless it was mandatory, even if I am always (almost always) happy when I get somewhere else, known or to be discovered!

So, that takes us, 3 months back in time, and my husband books a plane ticket to join him in Vienna, arranged baby sitting for our kids, and puppy. Thank you my parents in laws.

I have to admit it was just in time!
I needed to be able to unplug for a couple of days!
Once I was at the airport and than in the plane ready to take off, I finally realized!
4 days, what a luxe!
Imagine, not Having to wake up in the morning, nobody to take care of… ( example: at this very minute my 3 years old just storm in my room not sleeping yet! It is around 10.30 pm!).
Just 4 days for us and recharge the battery, to come back in good/ better shape.

So Vienna, a great discovery.

What a wonderful city, beautiful! And great “food” for that, I have again to thank The writer of the blog Sushiandstrudel, and the discoveries we made in Vienna!

It is also a great city for culture, music, museum. You have “ l embarras du choix” a great choice!

Among other, We went to the Albertina museum, and I recommend their restaurant ( it needs to be booked in the evening) delicious and refined.

The main exposition at the Albertina was the fauvisme, the wild beast, Henri Matisse, Cees Van Dongen ( my favorite since I am 15 years old) many others and Maurice de Vlaminck!

I wanted to share a quote


Just loved it! It represents passion! It represents freedom! It represents choices and commitments!

One or two paintings for a sneak peak



Happy to share this with you, and leave you to your thoughts…
More on Vienna will come! It is a city I definitely want to return to… Would love to see it during spring… And with the kids… They would surely get crazy of Sissi and Franz. Or should I say Empress Elisabeth of Bavaria and her husband Emperor Franz Joseph 1.

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And more to come.

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