Happy birthday! How old should you be not to give away your age any more?




What a day!
Thank you my friends and family!
Thank you to you all that are following me,
And thank you for sharing life, perspective, art in a way, in you way…

Today is my birthday… If you want to know my age, check the below post

Bits…and pieces (Home, Paris 1er)

Today was a special birthday, my family and my friends were mainly not next to me, but very close with their love and wishes demonstration towards me… I m lucky!

Thus I had the chance to share my day with my husband, our puppy dog, some new friends in a very creative, zen and positive atelier!
Our children, and a nice lunch… Not to mention our babysitter and friend from which I won t mention the name 😉
And to finish: a movie Last Vegas! What a laugh!

Thank you for this day!!!

Wishing you all health, love and the pursuit of happiness.

Oh I almost forgot! Got to see the most beautiful sunset: pink orange Bleu green white and grey! Couldn’t catch it with my camera! ( phone was low in battery!)

Life as the sky brings new “deals” every second… Wishing us all to indulge ourself to be happy!

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