Weather : complete craziness from hat/coat/gloves to no jacket at all!

Bikes day for sunny days!


Huge dogs! St Bernard of 1 years old!

Versus our 2 years old frieze stabij! 

And a one year old Maltese name Crousty

The launch of doggychef! In NYC and Brooklyn! Very NYC style…Doggychef Instagram

Well done To Deborah Goldberg.

If you wish to contact the dog chef press here.


A great opening reception at the Leica store of Soho for the launch of the exhibition PARKOUR of Ben Franke, an American German photographer, that gave its nobels letters to Parkour!

I am a big fan of Parkour, and found very ingenious to spread flour on the people jumping before shooting the pictures. That way you visualize the energy of each jump!

Bravo Ben Franke, it was a pleasure meeting you and seeing you blush surouned by these pretty fans !
Had the pleasure to speak with one of the Parkour ! stuntman ! McLenin Cruz, also found on Instagram as the Relentless Tarzan.

My kids playing Parkour on our shelfbook! With Asian umbrelle! 

And nice discoveries at George’s Bergès Gallery in Soho.


Making use of this incredible drumkit, an eco and musical inovation of Obilab, for our pleasure. 

Also loved and approved by professional  Drummers, Thank you  Frank Fallon.

Cinema Le 7 ème Art! The oscars!

How not to mention this buss, let me know your favorite part of it ;-)…in the comments.

Mantra for this last week of February 2016.. Oh March is coming in the game !


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