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New York City on a budget with children ! Day 2!

Today was a rainy day! 

When you get use to good weather, you start panicking When the rain shows Up.

“What are We going to do? what  Am I going to wear, a jacket? But it’s warm outside! An umbrella ? But I need my hands to hold my kids! Rain Boots? But I did not take any! And it’s too warm! Ok let’s put sneakers on….”

So we ended up putting light rain jacket and sneakers, and once it stopped raining we were just walking around with the jacket on the arm or around the waste! If you’re not firm enough, you’ll eventually end up burried under your 3 to 4 kids’ Jackets while you are walking ;-). No way….

Just an “aparté” (braket) in NYC you ll be surprised to see how organiZed people are! At least women! They all have the perfect rain boot to match their business outfit. 

Ok let s go back to the day.

Metro/ subway was therefore kind of mandatory. 
We took it from upper east side to  51st street! Then walked to the Rockefeller center to just sens it!

Went to the Lego store, this time only to look at the great Lego constructions, and the merchandise. We said in advance to the kids that we would not buy anything! Our kids are crazy about Lego, we have it everywhere at home… He could not resist asking :”maman can we just buy a small person then”? Of course no! Otherwise 7 wild kids would have started their list of requests.. It was just perfect like that…

Small but cool, a basketball master Lego construction :

And how to get a Lego set come alive,-73.9780602&sspn=0.0002136,0.000376&q=lego+store

Then direction The American girl: 3 floors to get into the dolls’ World! 

609 5th AveNew York, NY 10017-1021United States

You’ll find everything and mode, each doll Has its universe. You can Also access a dolls’ spa, hair salon, hospital, a ears’ piercing ….

Crazy but not to be missed, plus they have a dolls’ holder in the toilets!

Then walk a little to the west and end up in Time square!

A must see!

Then subway and direction canal street : China town!
Lunch in Elizabeth street! Jing fong ! A must go! This hudge Chinese restaurant is amazing, and you ll  see the ladies pushing their cart full of dim sung and fried chicken feet ! Hum… Just kept it classical 😉

20 Elizabeth street, crossing canal st!

Lunch for 11: 117$ tip included !

My first time in the restaurant was when I was 5 years old! Never forgetten!

Then we walked toward the Staten Island ferry! It s free, goes every 30 mn and is a great way to see the Statue of Liberty and enjoy a ride on the water.

Once arrived in Staten Island, you can go and explore or just hoop on the next boat back to Manhattan.

Actually we splited into 2 groups, 3/11 headed back home.

Evening easy going and French style meal at home.

See you tomorrow! 

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