A week in New York with 7 Kids between 3 and 10 years old, 4 adults and a budget! Day 1.

As I said before, New York is unique! Time and Money looses it’s normal scales and you can very easily go into all excess.

Challenge: enjoy New York with young children and on a tight budget 

Day 1:
Sunny and nice temperature.


pain quotidien: (Everywhere in NY, good quality food, lot of organic…)

1 coffee, 6 hot chocolates, 2 watermelon drinks, 1 ice tea, 2 bread baskets ( with spreads and butter) 54$+9$ tip=63$ 😉

(More places for breakfast in NYC:

Where to go in New York! Soparislux’s list Part 1. Bread backery Pastry and More! | so parislux !

https://soparislux.com/2015/06/27/where-to-go-in-new-york-soparisluxs-list-part-1-bread-backery-pastry-brunches-and-more/ )

Central Park

You could spent the day there.

The statut of Alice in wonderland (who just turned 150 years old this year) 

Play grounds with water fountains ( think sun screen lotion, think spare clothes or a towel) some apple sauce and raisin for the kids.

Lunch: home pasta and tomato mozzarella salad, and yogurt. Coffee for adults.

( could have stayed in Central Park with sandwiches, picnic or hot dogs (3$ each in general)

Afternoon: back to Central Park, crossed from east to west, and arrived to the Natural History Museum! (Hereafter “NHM”)

The museum is amazing for children and for adults, you could also stay there for the day and picnic outside by the fountain or in the park.

Admission is suggested, but you can decide what to give. From a penny to more. It s for you to decide. The only fixed price are for the special exhibit and the movies and space simulator.

But unless the special exhibit really interest you, Kids have so much to do already with the regular rooms, and you ll not have time to do it all even if you storm from one room to the other.

Plus bonus, you can access a free discovery room on the first floor. It is a great educational and magic ressource, hands on and quiet! Just magic. 

As we go quite often to the NHM, I have taken a family membership, our way to give back the this beautiful museum. But you don t have to, 1$ is really an usual donation, even a quarter. New York grant easy access to most of its museum. Let s enjoy it ! 

After half of the 1st and 2 floors and the discovery room (2 hours), we headed back to east side… Ramble, Shakespeare garden, belvedere castle and it s view, statute of the kind of Poland and the turtle pound, cedar hill and out next to the MET


Home made meal: Thai curry chicken.

After 14 km of walk in the day, goodnight to all by 21.30/22.30 🙂

 1. The discovery room   
2. And 3. The NHM


4. Central Park    
5. Alice in wonderland, Central Park, let s not forget the very small ones… Cute.

  6. Central Park playground on 77street and east side
  A tree, Cornelian cherry (Cornus mas)

( the fruits can be eaten, I saw some people picking them…they were coming from Iran and told me they use to do so in their country. I tried one it s acid, nice.)

Beware when you wish to pick and eat fruit of a wild tree. First you need to identify the tree, and make sure its fruit are not poisonous. Then, you might want to leave them for the birds and animal of the place. Central Park has for example a very wide range of faune and flora. Central Park is their inhabitat, by preserving it, it s a win win for all.

Imagine the face of everyone while discovering scquirell, raccoon ( at night), falcon….

( Falcon in Central Parc, or where nature is magic. faucon a Central Park, New York | so parislux !


Price less….

Until tomorrow wishing you a good day or a good night.
P.S: think good or comfortable walking shoes.


Feel free to share, my posts and pictures, under Soparislux name, or quote Soparislux,  as all pictures and text published on this site are the property of Soparislux for the pleasure of all… Biensur.

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