Songs in my pockets, dreams in my head, sky is not the limit, only I!

Life is so paradoxal!

The song Royals by Lorde, to Riptide of van Joyce, to Papa don’t preach of Madonna…

My mood jumps from up to upper, to upper, to all directions…down sometimes but I try to lift it up again…

And in the end I’m thinking sky used to be the limit to our dreams, now when spatial traveling is scheduled with Virgin air line.
The only limits to our dreams is us!

Life is not only about finding yourself but is about creating yourself everyday.

A though for the victims of the malaisian airline….
Let s pray for them and hope for a good path….

It’s not in our hands, so let’s try the best with what we can handle!
Life is not easy, but it offers us a great deal of “do”, “be”, “continue”.

Fear and immobility is not the solution, listening carefully to our heart, trying our best to go in it’s direction is already a great step toward our best chances in life.
It helps as well making the world à better place, all in our ways, with our means… We participate…

Keep up the good work….

Funny, the soon on the radio… I never can say good bye Gloria Gaynor

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