An angel whispered in my ear


Imagine, just going out of the house, for no reason, just started looking at my car’s tire. Who would’ve thought about something like that! As if I was watching my car in details every day! Of course, nothing better to do 😉
What do I see, I see a nail in my tire.

Then I think! What the…. what am I supposed to do? It storms in my head:
“Tonight alone with my 3 kids, luckily I have Spoon with me but she does not have her driving license.
At 5.45 pm need to drive the girls to their climbing class
Tomorrow 7.45 am need to drive them to school
Our son, again sick, not the time to be without a car functioning well!
So I leave the kids with Spoon, jump in my car drive as fast as I can to 2 garage and finally get the tire changed by 5.44 pm!
Wouah lucky me! I really had an angel minding me!
The only logical explanation! For seeing the nail in my tire on time.

And Pharell Williams with Happy is singing in my head!


2 thoughts on “An angel whispered in my ear

  1. I have been practicing, more and more, listening when I hear that inner prompting to do something. Sometimes it seems so silly, or insignificant. But the more I just follow the guidance, the more I realize that these little whispers are worth following. Good job with the intuition! Thanks for sharing.

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