Solitary bees’ future nest : Weekly Photo Challenge : Perspective


This week-end I took my two “eldest” daughters (6 and 9 years old) to a great event the re-skill at the do-it-yourself festival.

To know more about it ( written in French) press the link below.

We were really lucky, sun was shining, people were welcoming and sharing. It was as you would say in French une ambiance bonne enfant. It was indeed very pleasant.

We had among other things, the privilege to learn about solitary bees, 800 species, as opposed to the one,  very known that produces the honey we eat, “every day”.

We even learned about a very glamorous bee, that lifts up her tooshie, while she drinks from the flower, and cuts pieces of the flower’s petal to cover her babies! I just remembered her nickname “Betty boop”. Karine Devot, the women who was presenting the work shop, was kind enough after my post publication to remind me of her name: the Betty boop bee is called the megachile.

Karine Devot can be described as a very inspired woman. Her contact details are the following:
If you are in the region, Luxembourg, Belgium or near by in France or Germany, do not hesitate to contact her. She speaks  French and English well and will show you Nature as you may never have seen before.

Anyhow, she made for our herb spiral this gorgeous bee nest you can see in the above picture! Giving both a pretty visual perspective, and a happy future perspective to host new bees to keep up the pollinating of our vegetables, fruits and flowers. In brief to participate in the cycle of life.

Wishing you a good evening.


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