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Today is Parislux’s first birthday, how symbolic as I found the first flower of our Japanese cherry tree in our garden




It was only planted some months ago and already starts revealing its beauty.

Less pretty, but interesting is the picture of the mostly naked Prunus Acolade, look carefully and you’ll see its first blooming flower.

A present to me, and from me to you.

Thank you for following….



About Hopeje

It's all about love, life, and the pursuit of happiness I m a French-American girl from Paris, France. Visiting the US, New york, Miami each year for a couple of weeks. Always liked the energy of these cities, of these two countries, each full of genuine way of life and freedom.Who would have though I would move to Luxembourg, and "find/lose/find" myself there. Met the love of my life, made 3 children and travelled...so much... Let' s not Forget our  dog! With us since  2013.So yes we moved, to NYC, and now Miami, and traveling is still our middle name.One of the things I like the most in life, is traveling, discovering life, architecture, customs, people, places, the poetry and energy of life.Places, peoples, atmosphere, dreams.Enjoy.... PS: the content of my blog, is shared with pleasure, but not free of rights.

4 comments on “Today is Parislux’s first birthday, how symbolic as I found the first flower of our Japanese cherry tree in our garden

  1. Happy Birthday and wishing you many more

    • Thanks…. As i like your blog name, it really speaks for itself, plus we really recognize your pictures style. I dare to ask you: what do you think about my parislux name, do you think I should change it to fit better my blog identity?

      • Bonjour Jessica

        I’m honoured that you think l am worthy to seek advice from and will try to help you.

        I like parislux as a name but l think you are right in considering something more descriptive of you – Mother, Traveller, Writer, Photographer, Herbalist and general adventuress.

        You write about a wide range of subjects passionately and have a loyal core following that needs to expand so that you get the recognition you deserve.

        I suppose you need a brand, an image a sort of corporate identity so that the name and:or gravatar conjure up images of your wonderful blog and generate a greater following.

        I dont know if this helps – hope so.


        PS I love garlic and Rosemary with lamb – now l will have to try it as an infusion!

      • Thank you so much Dan for taking the time to write me back. I was right, you do give very wise and thoughtful advice. (Confirming the point of view of my best friend). Thanks also for the compliment. For the infusion, it works! still using it, helps me not to fall totally sick, ( I m almost out of it ) adding to it essential oil. And I ll da malvia Sylvesteris ( mauve) or violet, from this afternoon ( pour adoucir la gorge). JessicA

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