Weekly photo challenge: Abandoned… Not really… Paris… Jem and the hologram synergy, She-ra, my Little pony, and Madonna


I knew I would find something to share for this challenge on my way to Paris!

I did to expect to find that!

As always my “toys” were waiting for our kids in my “old room”.

So nice from our parents to keep them … For their grand-children, and for us!

So on the picture you can see:

Synergy from Jem and the hologram !
Showed them the cartoon as well! They loved it! Cartoon from 80’s and 90’s were so much nicer than the new generation in HD! Or Dora…

She-ra from Musclor!

My sweet baby little pony and his alphabet neckless.

A little red teddy bear. From my one day in my cousin’s kindergarden in New York. Went there as I was in holiday while they had school! I was 6 years old. Love the American way to learn counting. They used red and green teddy bears, and I got one as memory. They also had terrarium etc… It was so different from the French way of learning back then.

My Madonna badge, I was 10 years old and really liked her, I got this badge made in the street in New York, pined in on my coat for years. It was really avant-garde compare to what you can find in France back then.

The very old Donald Duck…

And many more…

Also a way to show our kids, how we took care of our toys, had less and kept them as non-disposal items!!!!!

So abandoned for a while until now, as the new generation plays with it, and make them alive..

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

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