Soutien aux Ukrainiens- Support to Ukrainian – and to all person fighting for its freedom

Since a long time, sadness, loss and tension, was not so close from us.
In a global world, we are any how close to all conflict and difficulties around the world. Here we are not talking about terrorism. We are witnessing again, the struggle of a country, of a nation.

With what happened in Ukraine the past week, the 3 past months, we have witness death, we have witnessed courage from the Ukrainien to change their faith, to guarantee a type of liberty! A liberty you would die for!

Russia has taken steps and decision, that puts Ukrainien under alert, as well as European and American.

I hope, a pacific issue will be find.

I decided to write this post, to show my support, to people fighting for their freedom, for a “normal” and peaceful life. To be able to decide freely for them-self. We all have a right to it.

European organization, as well as national free will, and USA implication, have today again a role to play.

I sincerely hope it will be for the best, for all.

This post was written on 3 March 2014

Addendum on 4 March 2014

I discussed yesterday with a Russian friend mainly against Ukrainian, for different reasons:
-I quote ” they are fascist and antisemite”
-I quote ” they will go escape Ukraine and go toward Russia”
-I quote “Russian that are geographically close will suffer”
-I quote ” actuality depends of where you get your sources”.

I know some Ukrainian are fascist and anti-Semites, and I say “some“, as there are unfortunately some in many other countries, just watch France, and Many other countries. I know that in Ukraine a lot of pogrom against Jews have happened! and in other eastern country has well.
I do not agree and do not share values of fascism and anti-Semitism, nor of racist or anti-gays.

But is it because a people did wrong that you have to wish them harm?
I don t thing so.

I heard on the radio, last week a very touching homage to the foreigners who died for France during Second World War!
They mentioned amoung other an Armenian young man, Missak Manouchian, who got executed once arrested by French collaborating with Nazis, for his act of resistance against nazi.
I was moved by the letter he wrote to his wife, concluding I die in peace, with no hate against the German people! I really felt small in front of such highness/grandeur


I am for freedom of thought and action, as long as you don t harm your neighbor, to simplify “Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the social contract “! Beginning middle 18 century. And that was centuries ago, with le siècle des lumières.

I have not studied trough-fully the conflict in Ukraine, I have not through-fully studied the situation in Russia.

I do not judge people I do not know, I just feel that sometimes, you need to show your support.

I red an article in haaretz ( Israelian newspaper) explaining that despite antisemitism of some, and only some! Jewish Ukrainian gave their life in Kiev last weeks! Not as Jews but as Ukrainian!


It is really tricky to express a feeling on political but real issue one is confronted to!

My try, was to express compassion, and peace, not to judge!

By the way, I have just heard that M. Poutine, has withdrawn his troups in Crimea.

I hope the best for our world future, and hope we’ll all manage or try to get the best out of ourself. To unite in front of our differences, not to overuse our rights, but to use them wisely and measure our chance.

I have a Romanian friend living in Romania. One of our discussion was, to decide what it the most important between Health and Liberty!
I maintain that health prevail, as with health you can still fight and hope for your freedom, without health you can not live.
She maintain that Liberty prevails, because “I don t know what it is to have none”, and she would hive her health to get freedom.
I see people dying for their freedom, and I hope we ll be able to witness, everywhere freedom and health.

For my readers, this post has been written as an exception to, my blog object … But exception are there to reinforce the rule.

Wish you all a good day.

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