Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

Past days were so busy I neglected you as I neglected my blog. But I though about you all. And about my follower “number” 150 that I intended to introduce in one of my post: to thank her, as I wish this number to bring her luck. I by the way thank you all for following me….

Here she is:
Musings of a FlutterbyBear | Life, step by step.

So getting back to this challenge, I’ll give you hint on one of the reasons of my absence:

Put the pieces of my mind together, and it will lead you to the object I m sharing with you:</em>

-Our first daughter turned 9 years old….

-It was birthday preparation’s time and pyjama party planning, also meaning my 2 Japanese friends made me a great gift of time and knowledge, teaching me to make sushi and maki.

-One thing I m missing the most for the past days / weeks : my bed ! Or a good night sleep.

-One thing I try to teach my kids and live by is to believe in your dream, to try to reach the stars, to create opportunities, and to fly away, but keep values and still feet on the ground, at least a bit!

-No wonder my favorite children story is ” Peter Pan ” !

So here’s my ” object”, just saw it through a shop’s window :


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5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

    1. Thanks for quoting me, in your blog… True, it all depends on us, on our will to believe in ourself, in our luck to make things happen. Makes me think about Peter Pan and the way he tough others to fly! Just think about something happy and you ll all make it happen. Thanks again, very nice picture

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