Weekly photo challenge : Family – Soup


La soupe ( picture not retouched. )


How do you want to retouch a soup’s picture, I do not always retouch my pictures, but I though it was to simple, in the other hand it would make no sense to show you a bleu soup or purple, pink ( love it), and suddenly it strikes me! I took a picture of all proposed modification ! So beautiful, and as a family, all with resemblance but non of it the same.

Why soup and family?

What a familial dish!
A soup, a reunion of vegetable, as the family gathering around it!
Comforting and warm, as you wish your family to be, and as it should be….regardless of the fight and scream that should be directly forgotten.

So Sunday, the air was getting colder, and we were in the mood for comfort, coziness and vitamins !

A soup: so delicious.
A big pot:
2 leeks
One big sweet potatoes
5 potatoes
1 onion
1 piece of ginger (size of half a thumb)
1or 2 table spoon of olive oil
Half of a red paprika
2 tomatoes

No salt no pepper

How to make it:

Clean and Cut and the vegetables in big pieces,separate the leeks, the onion, and the 2 tomatoes, from the rest of the vegetables.

Put the fire on, (gas, electricity, induction)
At first, put it on the maximum fire, put the big pot on it, put the leeks and immediately put the 2 table spoons of olive oil on them and Stir.
After one or 2 minutes( it should not burn nor attach, it’s just in order to give more taste to the soup, you have to guess the moment, the leek should be just sized and just reduced)add the onion, and add everything, stire once or twice and cover the vegetables with water.
Lower the fire to mid plus. Max fire army place being 9′ put on 6′ or equivalent.
Stir, add the 2 tomatoes, and cover but do not close the pot cover.

It is important not to cook the vegetables on to high fire in order to preserve the vitamins and Minerals, knowing that after 80/90degres centigrade most of it is gone, would be a pity!

Let it cook alone for 20/30 mn, you’ll know that it’s ready when it’s tender enough to put a fork in the potatoes. It should also smell nice.

Mix the soup and serve. If you do not wish to mix the soup, you will need to cup the vegetable in smaller pieces.

Sunday, we did not need to put salt, always better with kids, the ginger and the way to cook the leeks helped not to salt. For the same reason no pepper was needed. I love pepper and spices I added some. If you want to salt do it in your ball or plate, much better and healthier.

You can also add cheese or “crouton”

Bon appetit.

Ps as usual, all rights reserved, feel free to ask, share and come back.

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