Weekly challenge: the word through my eyes

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

The world is wide, and I love to watch all the little details it hides to those not paying attention.

At least, I try…

I love to watch and find atmosphere, architecture, emotion in people, life scene, the light and the treasure it reveals.

Here’s what this challenge inspires me:

Hope you enjoy looking through my eyes.

This theater is in Lyon, France, it was a very sunny day, and it was beautiful watching children playing with water under the eyes of their parents.


On my way to Lyon, the navigation system took me out of the highway, as it was jammed, I crossed burgundy’s ( Bourgogne ) small villages… I could not resist taking a picture of the vineyards.


The sun going down on Lyon and the Rhone

Flowers I saw in the mountains ( Lus la Croix haute) I wanted to show the small dots in the blue ( beautiful ) of the flower’s petals. I had to put my knees on the ground and lean to take the pictures, as you could not pick the flower as it is protected and rare.


Flowers on a grey day in Luxembourg



Luxembourg the sky some nights ago, and street art ( taken today).



On the road looking for colors and gathering


Love and music at the killers ‘ concert some weeks ago! http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Killers


Lets not forget that today is the first day of summer! Here and in France it s the music celebration! Free Concerts are everywhere on the streets.
Kids are in bed, and we hear music from the open window…
Happiness and ” legerté” ( lightness) is coming though our window on the wing of the wind…

Let this day bring us all health and happiness, may the world find peace and light! It is a very utopist sentence, but it s how I feel tonight… Full of hope… After all we can all make miracles, it s only a matter of will and patience…

…..And a special happy birthday to my friend L., who s surely happy sharing this days with her kids ( they drove all night long despite storm and road work from London to Luxembourg to be with their mother! ) far in distance but close in the heart and mind… Like my family… Living far from each other makes traveling a way of life….

27 thoughts on “Weekly challenge: the word through my eyes

    1. Yes… It Was ” la fête de la musique” music day in post european countries.
      We did not order à Babysit and Kids had to sleep.. But we could hear ALL the concert taken place 100 m from our place…
      Thanks to the wind

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