Singing in the rain

Daily Prompt: Singin’ in the Rain

I m singing in the Rain, I m just signing in the Rain, and whatever it takes, I m happy again !

When we were children and teenagers, my sister and I use to spend one month at our grandparents in Florida.

Imagine 2 little girls coming from Paris landing in Miami, storming in their grandparents arms, and crying of happiness as it had been one year since the last time we were in there arms.

For us it was happiness freedom, cosyness, warmth of heart, poetry ( our grandma loves writing poetry and she s great at it, nice routine. we were spoiled with small things, food we loved and could not find in France ( kisses, Oreo cookies, chicken noodle Campbell soup and also the fresh one made by grandpa and grandma, meatloaf, cauliflower soup made by them as well).

We had certain freedom and quiet life we did not have in Paris, going to the swimming pool everyday ( they were living in a retirement community).

And the July rain, warm and so nice…
We used to sing, jump, laugh, and dance under it, running back socking wet…

We also loved to do Jump in the pool and swim under the water while it was poring warm water. Delicious, but dangerous as the first thing you should do is stay again from the pool not to be electrified by a lightning. ( Take my word for it but don t do it…).

Nice memories.

Since then, I feel joyful signing in the rain like Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire ….

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